"A Perspective Unheard." Matteo, a 14-year-old with autism, shares through his letter board what has helped the most.

“Truth is – autism, it’s not what you think.”  Matteo Musso, a 14-year-old non-vocal teen with autism, shares his truth through a letter board. He will share what really made the difference when it came to his own growth and evolution, as well as his perspective on life as he experiences it through the lens of autism. In addition you will have an opportunity to ask Matteo questions regarding stims, diet, attitude, behaviors, school, therapies, exercise, and anything else you want to know that may help your child. “Here is my truth. It may not be yours. But I’ll explain mine. A perspective unheard.”  Matteo

Matteo Musso

Matteo (“Teo”) Musso is a 14-year-old young man with autism. His vocal abilities are ever-increasing, but for now, he continues to communicate through his letter board, expressing himself beautifully, one letter at a time. He lives with his parents in northern California. Matteo has been invited to speak at the Mayo Clinic as well as autism groups and conferences, colleges, universities and schools throughout the country sharing his message of "assume intelligence." He has written 2 books: Handbook of Us: Understanding and Accepting People with Autism and Love Land. He has a youtube channel and video series called,Mondays with Matteo.

 Find him at www.matteomusso.com and look for his first book, Handbook of Us: Understanding and Accepting People with Autism on Amazon. Teo’s favorite saying: “Have a happy day!”

- Our Nonprofit, Creative Autism Solutions Team
We approach autism from the assumption of intelligence and competence of the autistic or nonverbal person. It is this assumption that is the basis for our success in teaching, educating and sharing.

"Helping to change the way autistic people are misunderstood by society through informative, inspiring materials and speaking engagements. We encourage and inspire people to look beyond what they can see to learn the truth about autism and others outside of the 'stereotypical norm.'"

Annette Musso

 Annette Musso:

From ABA to SonRise, DAN doctors to naturopaths, special education classrooms
to mainstream classrooms and finally homeschooling, hyperbaric chambers, specialized brain therapies, various bodywork to energy healers, special diets
to just plain healthy eating, Masgutova MNRI and Soma Rapid Prompting Method…Annette Musso has explored the vast autism therapies with her son. 
She is perhaps, just the Mom of a beautiful angel with autism, but some call her a mom on a mission! Finally able to communicate with her son on the most intimate
of emotional and cognitive levels through a letter board, she is helping Matteo reach his learning goals and accomplish his life-mission.

Annette realized the “summit of peace” within herself after many years of struggling with stress and sadness. She is now empowered with insight and “out-of-the- box” thinking, as she helps other parents and professionals open their eyes to alternative possibilities and attitudes about autism through her non-profit organization, Creative Autism Solutions Team

Annette has authored three children’s books about acceptance:  What If We All Looked the Same?, What If We All Liked Chocolate? and What If We All Learned the Same? She now travels the country with Matteo, bringing an inspiring perspective to those interested in autism.

Find out more: www.matteomusso.com