Practical Help & Tips to Get You Started with the Wahls Protocol

The Wahls Protocol is a diet and lifestyle program to treat all chronic autoimmune disorders including autism. After Dr Wahls recovered herself from Multiple Sclerosis, she began hearing anecdotal stories from others who were using her protcol to recover from a wide array of autoimmune, inflammatory, and neurological disorders, including autism, PANDAS/PANS, cognitive disorders, and pain syndromes.

The Wahls Protocol is a practical, self-directed dietary intervention that utilizes a nutrient dense, low-carb diet to recover your gut, repopulate your microbiome, and feed the brain at the cellular level while detoxing your body so it can heal itself. Research has shown that the health of your body and brain is determined by the microbiome in your gut. It should be noted that Dr. Wahls is the first researcher/doctor who has ever provided a nutrient analysis of their own diet.

In this presentation, Tami Fraser, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified Wahls Protocol Health Professional, and mother of a son affected by autism and PANDAS/ PANS, will help you start the Wahls protocol diet for your family. You'll learn about the diifferent levels of the Wahls protocol, as well as tips and tricks to incorporate nutrient-dense foods that everyone will eat. Tami will provide examples of helpful recipes and strategies she uses, yielding great benefit to her own family as well as her clients. You will leave with a plan to restore your whole family.




Tami Fraser, NTP, Certified Wahls Protocol Health Professional

Tami Fraser is a Nutritional Therapist and Certified Wahls Protocol Health Professional in Washington state who sees clients locally; as well as distance clients. She's also the mother of a son who was greatly affected by autism and PANDAS/PANS, autoimmune disorders affecting the brain. As a spokesperson for healthy lifestyles, she brings to the table a wealth of knowlege on dietary interventions, supplements, detox strategies, and other biomedical interventions. Tami spent years looking for ways to improve the quality of life for her son and others on a budget. It was her neverending desire to help others suffering from autoimmune,neurological, and inflammatory disorders, as well as improvements in her own health, that encouraged her to begin a new career that aligned with her beliefs. When she's not helping people to acheive their highest potential through diet and lifestyle changes, you can usually find her in the kitchen preparing organic paleo cuisine, working in her organic garden, tending to her chickens, or being in nature.