Practical Magic: The Benefits and Realities of Camel Milk Therapy for ASD

Camel milk is gaining anecdotal praise for notable effects in ASD children (C. Adams, Autism File, April 2012). Hailed by the UN for nutritional value, it reportedly shows remarkable benefits in several diseases. Adams shares her unique experiences and information gathered from scientists and camel experts since 2005, as her son is probably the longest continual ASD user of camel milk. She covers fascinating studies, explains potential benefits, and outlines the complexities of obtaining milk.

Christina Adams, MFA

Christina Adams, MFA, wrote A Real Boy: A True Story of Autism, Early Intervention and Recovery (Berkley/Penguin, now on Kindle). She worked at the Pentagon and in aerospace, then turned to autism when her son was diagnosed. She lectures nationally and consults with international scientists on health and camel milk. Her credits include NPR, The Washington Post, CHILD, and The LA Times. She writes regularly for Autism File, consults for pharma information firms, and is a parent advocate.