Reversing Autism: Connecting the pieces with the latest research: BT, Hg, Octopamine, Succinic Acid, Leptu and BIRM by Andrea Lalama

On October 1, 2009, 9:14 am

This presentation debuts original information that can be implemented effectively, immediately, and that has had a high degree of success. Andrea will focus more specifically on her discovery of the role of the lesser-known neurotransmitter Octopamine, a discovery that was key to her son and other children regaining skills in many areas of functioning, most notably social-interaction and communication. This presentation will also provide insight on what is helping ASD children in countries outside the US. Finally, Andrea will expand on her personal hypotheses regarding what she believes may be causing the children to develop the so-called autism "predisposition."

Andrea Lalama is a determined mother who embarked on a tireless journey of research to learn everything about autism to help her own children. In doing so, she gleaned extensive knowledge from scientists, pathologists, microbiologists, medical doctors, and homeopaths. Andrea formed hypotheses leading to cost-effective remedies that many parents report have helped their children. Spurred by parental success and support, Andrea launched the non-profit foundation "Reversing Autism," which enables her to pursue promising avenues of research and better help parents. By request, she has presented her research via workshops around the US and internationally while offering parents her homeopathic and holistic care consultation services. Andrea is Autism One's liaison to South America. For more information, please visit

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