Roadmap to success for an effective grassroots organization

Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights has grown from a small Facebook group to “a powerful force in the Capitol,” as was recently reported by the Associated Press. Join Cheryl and Lindey as they present the organization’s roadmap to success in establishing MPVR as an effective, rapidly growing, politically active grassroots organization that has earned respect state and nationwide. 

They will discuss their use of branding and marketing to reach new members as well as provide insight to how they organize activists into an effective membership database that is crucial to the ability to network and accomplish the organization's goals. You will learn about their most successful means of communication, including social media and targeted text that allows leadership to activate members in real time, prompting lawmakers, media and the general public to sit up and take notice. 

Cheryl Peeples

Cheryl Peeples is the Statewide Regional Director, as well as the Northeast regional leader, for Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights.

She received her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Mississippi State University.  The devoted mother  of two boys, both injured by vaccines, has been a stay at home mom for 22 years.  She is in her 9th year homeschooling her youngest son, who has Autism. 


Over the past 14 years, Cheryl has become a leading resource in her area regarding biomedical approaches to treating Autism. She has presented as a guest speaker numerous times for therapy/rehab groups and educators regarding her personal family story related to Autism and the treatment approaches along the way.   She joined MPVR 4 years ago when she felt led to be more involved in educating others about the dangers of vaccines and to become politically active in changing her state's archaic vaccine laws.  She brings the same dedication and conviction to MPVR that she brings to every other area of her life.


Lindey Hughes Magee

Lindey Hughes Magee is a dynamic and courageous wife and mother of 2 who has been involved with Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights (MPVR) since its inception in 2012. She first began researching vaccines in 2000 and became compelled to advocate truth and later fight for parents’ rights and religious exemption from vaccination following her daughter, Pailyn’s vaccine injury in 2009.

As CoDirector of MPVR, Lindey has devoted countless hours to its establishment and growth, focusing on the branding and marketing aspects that serve to legitimize and grow the organization. When she is not tending to her own family, she is working diligently for the families of Mississippi answering parents’ calls for assistance and championing vaccine rights legislation. There is no end to her drive and her devotion to empower others and effect change.