Sensory Savvy 101 by Kristin Selby Gonzalez

On August 25, 2009, 12:40 am

How do you know which sensory integration method to choose? How do you know if your child has sensory issues? Kristin will provide tools and the basic understanding of sensory integration methods, in language you can understand. She will help you recognize when your child is in fight or flight mode. She will provide tips and starting places on how to help them today. She will talk about how to implement a sensory diet in the home with a positive approach. Kristin believes parents are their child's best resource with the strongest connection to them and explains why this is so important. Kristin presents in a fun, upbeat way and she leaves parents feeling inspired and motivated.

Kristin Selby Gonzalez is the Director of Autism Education for Enzymedica. She has been using The Son-Rise Program® with her son, Jaxson, age 6, diagnosed with autism, for over 4 years. She is certified in the Wilbarger Protocol® (a form of sensory integration), has knowledge in the Alert Program® (another form of sensory integration), The Handle Program® (another form of sensory integration), and is a provider in the Listening Program™(an auditory integration therapy). Kristin is certified in the Body Ecology Diet, and is familiar with the Gut and Psychology Diet, the Specific Carbohydrate Diet, and the gluten- and casein-Free diet.

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