Sequential Homeopathy + Biomedical Science = Houston Homeopathy Method for Autism

What makes the Houston Homeopathy Method so unique and successful? Homeopathy Center of Houston’s founders describe the only homeopathic method that embraces and supports the biomedical model of autism. Life-changing improvements in overall health, pain, speech, cognition, sensory issues, aggression, toilet training, sleep and more, from over 100 full recoveries will be demonstrated through case narrative.

Cindy L. Griffin, DSH-P, DIHom

Cindy Griffin has studied, taught and practiced homeopathy since 1994, authored articles and developed a homeopathic practitioner course curriculum, and co-owns Homeopathy Center of Houston. She co-developed the Houston Homeopathy Method of sequential homeopathy based on her training in biomedical models of autism. She is also a health-freedom, vaccine-choice educator and advocate.

Lindyl Lanham

Lindyl Lanham is co-owner of Homeopathy Center of Houston, an author and professional sequential homeopath since 2002. A former special education teacher, she was trained in autism biomed science, which influenced co-development of the Houston Homeopathy Method. Her son is 95% recovered from Tourette Syndrome with the HHM. She is Board Certified in Integrative Health by AAIM.