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SPONSOR SPOTLIGHT: NuLife Foods with a special offer for AutismOne readers AutismOne is very excited to welcome NuLife Foods to the greater autism family. Our crew could be found at the conference hovering around the delicious hot food and snack samples at the NuLife display. Since we were busy doing work for the conference and didn't have much time to stop to eat, we found ourselves constantly drawn to delectable pizza, mouth-watering meatballs, undoubtedly the best gf/cf/sf chicken nuggets anywhere, muffins like the bakery makes, and much more. What was remarkable to our crew was that we hands-down all agreed that the NuLife Foods were more delicious and healthful than the haute cuisine in the hotel restaurant anyway! So, this month we'd like to tell you a little bit about NuLife Foods by way of introduction. The goal at NuLife Foods is to make great-tasting products that just happen to be gluten-, caseinand soy-free. Every product is taste-tasted by families with children on the spectrum to gain their feedback before offering the item for sale. Every batch is tested multiple times to ensure the absence of gluten, casein and soy. NuLife tests gluten to 10 parts per million (ppm), which is well below the 20 parts per million required by the FDA. There is no federal standard for casein and soy, so NuLife has committed to also testing for casein and soy to 10 ppm. Every ingredient supplier is carefully evaluated and their products tested to ensure purity. All ingredients are evaluated by nutrition experts in the field of autism to ensure they are wholesome and meet the dietary needs of children on the spectrum. Particular attention has been paid to using ingredients that are all natural; contain no preservatives, artificial colors, flavors or MSG; are high in protein and omega-3 fatty acids; and use fresh vegetables, healthier oils, and gluten-free grains. To accommodate customers who are concerned about other allergens, NuLife offers a simple search feature on their website to allow searches on the 8 common allergens, plus corn. There are also plans to expand this search to include other allergens, such as yeast, rice and sugar. New products are being developed constantly, with particular attention to expanding the product line to include more products for people who are sensitive to corn, yeast, rice and sugar. NuLife is also looking to add more products that are SCD-compliant. NuLife’s manufacturing facility is USDA-inspected and FDA-approved. They use Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) to guarantee the integrity of every product and take every possible precaution to prevent contamination with inadvertent allergens. NuLife is committed to giving 10% of the company’ profits back to provide free food to help families in need. They understand the challenges faced by many families in the community and wish to give back to help as many families as possible. NuLife values feedback from customers and is always looking for ideas to improve their products and develop new offerings. Here is a review from Autism One's nutritional consultant, Betsy Hicks, and her team:
After viewing the ingredients we endorse this company. There are many diets promoted for autism and most of them have a very strong and evidential merit to them, however, just because something is GFCFSF does not entitle it to be called a "Health Food." It all comes down to real food and real ingredients, and the understanding that a variety of protein, vegetables, fruits, fats and grains all contribute to the body's requirement of proteins, fats, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Offering real food that tastes great encourages lifelong healthy eating patterns. The simplicity of it being prepared allows parents the opportunity to consistently make healthy food choices. There are many who will justifiably feel a concern for some of the ingredient choices as they may preach a completely pure diet, however, the personal choice only belongs to the parent. Others who may chose to go to a stricter route are honorable for doing so, yet, a parent who could use a little help should feel confident in the option of pre-made choices. Between IgG, IgE, yeast, bacteria, parasites, peptides, and digestion, children with autism may have needs for a more fine tuned diet, but for the majority, we feel this company does a great job with the challenge of pleasing as many parents and children as possible.
John Hicks, MD Betsy Hicks - Author of Picky Eating Solutions; Bringing the Joy of Real Food Back to the Table and the staff at Elementals Living
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Dylan is lovin' his NuLife Foods chicken nuggets!