Strains of medical cannabis, dispensaries, and collectives

Maria Coombs and Rhonda Morris moderate this exciting panel geared toward helping parents navigate the complex process of finding strains of medical cannabis that work for their children on the autism spectrum.  Also discussed: tips on finding reputable dispensaries or collectives as sources for medical cannabis. As a highlight to this panel, hear from parents, including a mother whose son was quite severely self-injurious before medical cannabis, whose other symptoms and ability to communicate via typing have also been helped; she has helped with positive legislative strides in her state.


Maria Coombs, moderator

Maria Coombs graduated from CSUF with a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. Maria is one of the founders of The Autism and Compassionate Care Connection collective. Maria specializes in helping parents navigate the complex process of finding the most effective strains for their children. The Autism and Compassionate Care Connection grows only organically grown cannabis in strains that meets members' needs.


Rhonda Morris, CSEA, CHC, moderator

Rhonda Morris, CSEA, is a Certified Special Education Advocate from the University of Southern California, a Certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and a member of the Inland Regional Center's Self Determination Advisory Committee in Southern California. 






Victoria Grancarich

Victoria Grancarich is the mother of a teen with autism and has lived on the front lines of autism treatment and healing for over a decade. She is an advocate for expanded patient rights with respect to medical cannabis and educates practitioners and families worldwide on the power of cannabis as medicine by sharing the personal story of her son’s healing. She was a lead author of the petition which successfully added autism as a qualifying condition for medical cannabis in the state of Minnesota. In her spare time she is an artist and writer.

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