Strategies to Reduce Vulnerability to ADHD in the Neonatal and Early Childhood Period

Many factors have been shown in the literature to cause/be associated with ADHD; nutrient deficiencies, toxicant exposures, foods, and sleep. A closer look will be given to these factors within the neonatal and early childhood period to reduce the vulnerability to ADHD. Action steps to take will be given to empower a family with tools to minimize the occurrence of ADHD.

Rajka Milanovic Galbraith, MD, IFMCP, ABIHM, ABFM

Rajka Milanovic Galbraith, MD, is a traditionally trained family medicine doctor with over 20 years of experience who quickly realized there was something missing when treating her patients. The missing piece was targeting the root causes of illness which she found in a functional medicine approach, leading to her certification with the Institute of Functional Medicine. She is passionate about treating whole families. She has delivered over 300 babies in her career and has made it a mission to reduce chronic disease by empowering moms to empower their families to wellness. She has a particular interest in nutrigenetics although puts the focus on epigenetics first.  She herself battled many avoidable symptoms and disease and would like to put an end to this for our future generations. She is a national speaker, wife, mother of 2, avid yogi who loves the arts and travel. Her private practice, Simply Health Institute, is located outside of Chicago in Naperville, IL