Student Scholars: Autism--A Sibling's Perspective

Zack will share his experiences living with his autistic brother Ethan. Using his witty personality and brash sense of humor, Zack will bring light to the subject of autism and share his story: from finding out about autism, to accepting autism, to becoming an activist and getting his first book published at the shy age of fifteen. Get ready, because you're in for a real treat!

Zack Gonzalez

Zack is an American comedian, critically acclaimed author of three books, and internationally-known autism activist. He created the Play Now for Autism and Laugh Now for Autism event chains in honor of his younger brother with autism, Ethan ("Deets"). The activist hosts his own web show, "it's on with Zack". He is currently on a stand-up comedy tour and resides in Los Angeles, CA. Oh yeah, and he's only 18!