Sulforaphane, Avmacol® and Real World Applications in a Brain Health Clinic in South Korea

Multifactorial phytochemicals, such as sulforaphane, whose precursor glucoraphanin is found in crucifers, offer safe, effective, and promising ways to promote overall health and wellness. Avmacol® is a nutraceutical which generates sulforaphane by providing both glucoraphanin and the active myrosinase enzyme. This presentation will explore some of the now global human clinical trial initiatives underway using Avmacol. A special emphasis on sulforaphane's promotion of brain health will be included with Dr.Jihoon Kim co-presenting and sharing how he uses Avmacol, and the results he has seen, in his practice at The Balance Brain Center in Seoul, South Korea.

Brian Cornblatt, PhD

Dr. Brian S. Cornblatt is the Medical Director and Director of Product Support for Nutramax Laboratories Consumer Care, Inc. In these roles, Dr. Cornblatt develops novel nutraceutical formulations, designs both in vitro and clinical studies in support of products, and summarizes both supporting laboratory and clinical research for healthcare workers and consumers. Prior to coming to Nutramax Laboratories in 2010, Dr. Cornblatt was the Scientific Director and developer of the Catholic Health Initiatives’ Center for Translational Research (CTR), a combined molecular research laboratory, national biorepository, and diagnostics laboratory. The CTR supported research initiatives throughout CHI’s 40 Oncology centers.  A Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine Graduate with a Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences and a postdoctoral fellowship from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Environmental Health Sciences Division of Toxicology, Dr. Cornblatt has been involved in medical research since 1990. Dr. Cornblatt’s main research interests are focused on developing novel formulations comprised of natural based phytochemicals, including isothiocyanates, to minimize chronic inflammation and combat the threats of environmental toxicants. His most recent development has been a novel line of products, Avmacol®, which deliver the essential ingredients needed to support the production of sulforaphane, a phytochemical with many emerging indications. Dr. Cornblatt is a board member of the Susan Cohan Colon Cancer Foundation. His father is a now 20 year survivor of metastatic colorectal cancer and his mother a survivor of uterine cancer.  Both have had profound influences on his career.

Dr. Cornblatt is the father of two incredible daughters and spends his nights and weekends outdoors as much as possible – either on the soccer and lacrosse fields, running, or cycling in the rural counties of western Maryland. 

Dr. Jinhoon Kim

Dr. Ji Hoon Kim D.C., D.A.C.N.B.




Head Representative of Balance Brain Center in Mokdong, Seoul South Korea 


Doctor of Chiropractic (Graduate of Palmer West Chiropractic College)


Diplomate of American Chiropractic Neurology Board (D.A.C.N.B.)  


Bachelor of Arts from University of British Columbia University


Professor and board member of Organic Cultural Center (

As volunteer work, I lecture twice a month on the relationship between food, environmental factors and neurobehavioral disorders of childhood.


Host of ‘ABASI’ on the MOMs RADIO you tube channel.  This is a talk show for Korean mothers with children on the autism spectrum. 


Notable Previous Achievements


Assistant Professorship at Cha University of Alternative Medicine


Clinician at Neuromuscular rehabilitation Department at Chaum Anti-Aging Medical Center in Seoul.