The Swiss Protocol™: An integrated protocol for the treatment of autism spectrum disorders -- CME program for medical professionals

The Swiss Protocol™ is based on four tenets summarized by the acronym “NU-NIH”. “NU” stands for “neurological ultrasonography” and describes the use of ultrasonography in the diagnosis and treatment of autism. “N” stands for “nutrition”. “I” stands for “immune system” and describes the role of immune-stimulating molecules such as GcMAF (Gc protein-derived Macrophage Activating Factor). “H” stands for “healthy human microbiome” and describes the reconstitution of this vital organ that is always affected in autism.

Learning objectives:
Attendees will learn of the innovation of transcranial ultrasonography and how it can be utilized in a clinical setting
Attendees will learn the vital role of targeted nutrition for repair and restoration
Attendees will learn of innovative immune-stimulating agents

Marco Ruggiero, MD, PhD

Marco Ruggiero holds a PhD in molecular biology, is a medical doctor specialized in clinical radiology, and has been professor of molecular biology at the Department of Experimental and Clinical Biomedical Sciences of the University of Firenze, Italy, for more than 20 years (1992-2014). Since 2013, he has been director of science at Immuno Biotech Ltd., Guernsey, Channel Islands, Great Britain. He published more than 150 peer-reviewed scientific papers in the fields of neurosciences and cancer, including one paper in PNAS sponsored by Nobel Laureate Sir John Vane.