A Teaspoon of Sugar... Autism Advocate says Good Bye

I thought I did it right. I followed the American Dream plan. I had a vision of the little house, 2.3 kids, white picket fence, wife & dog after going to a major university and getting a degree. Then a child with Autism and two heart attacks at 38. I sit here at the end of a year of hope promises and dreams with my head spinning. I can not imagine what it is like to wonder where my next meal is coming from or not having clean water. These are things no human should have to endure. God Bless the www.Causecast.org Non Profit Members changing the world. The community of Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, & the internet world in general has white washed the pain of society. Those in real needs, praying, hoping for wishes fulfilled are not represented. They do not have high speed cable modems, fancy phones, dial up, or even a computer. Who is their voice?

I live day to day thinking wishing dreaming that some of President Obama's campaign promises would come true. I am on the final countdown to lose my marriage, home, child, and dignity. This is my last hurrah for Autism Advocacy. My wife says due to mounting bills the cable & computer must go. It has been an honor to be a full time advocate for Autism for a year. My father always said you will not be missed. Put your hand in a bucket of water swish about and splash at most you will displace a teaspoon. When you draw your hand out there will not be a change. Well dad times have changed. The Internet footprint stays, swirls, and splashes for a long time. Everybody needs to attempt to make their teaspoon of difference. That teaspoon represents thousands upon thousands who never got their voice heard.

My Story is not unique. I put it out there only as a beacon to those voting on real reform. I will say it again. Something is rotten in Illinois and United States. How can a state with the great world recognized metropolitan destination of Chicago be 51st out of 50 states in services for those with special needs? Denial or misappropriation? It is wrong.

Services for those with special needs is lacking. Support for families is non existent. We are numb to the fact that every day now a family is killed by a family member. Suicide and mental illness should be reported discussed and faced as a fact of a neglectful uncaring society. A recent study came out and said mothers dealing with a special needs child, have the same mental state of those with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder ) but where is the mental health support?

For those out there that were holding out hope for affordable insurance from Obama administration it is time to take off the rose colored glasses. The year is winding down and the forces of greed have got a hold of our world. Our only hope is prayer, fortitude, food banks, Causecast, Autism Advocates, and maybe a visit to the CEO's from ghosts of Christmas Past.

Do Not walk by a single red kettle this year....

Thank you again for your support.

"God bless us every one!" said Tiny Tim

Unfortunately, we live in

Unfortunately, we live in Illinois also, 51 out of 50 states for help with autism kids!! Maybe one day people will wake up to reality. Then again, I highly doubt it!!

Take heart, Tim, we'll find a

Take heart, Tim, we'll find a way. I'll be in touch, shortly.

So Sorry.....

You and your family are in my prayers, I'm so sorry and thank you for being an excellent advocate for autism, you will be missed, inspite of everything, try to have a Merry Christmas.....

Do not count me out just yet...

As long as I can breathe & can remember my AutismOne Login Password... I shall find a way to advocate. Thank you for the kind words.... Unity within Autism Community #UWAC Peace On Earth & Biomed treatments for ALL!

That makes me feel better(:

You inspire me!