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Autism Redefined 2010
Lecture Schedule 
Lymphatic Therapy
Student Scholars for Autism Program
Win-Win Parenting for the Autism Spectrum Child
Lecture Schedule  
NAA Presents: The Restraint and Seclusion Prevention Symposium
Homeopathy & Homotoxicology and Their Role in Reversing Vaccine Injury
Dynamics of Healthful Diet
Autism, the Brain, Thinking, & Behavior
Autism and Sexuality: A Conversation with Parents
The American Rally for Personal Rights
Lecture Schedule
Environmental Issues & Chronic Diseases Symposium
First Responders Training
Special Education Law Day
The Art of Cooking Special Diets
Verbal Behavior Workshop
CARD Feeding Clinic
EBCALA Legal & Advocacy Training
Current State of Autism Research
Biomedical Treatments for Autism 101: An Introduction to Scientifically Based Medical Treatment Options
In Spanish: Autism 101 - Today's Biomedical Treatments
Environmental Symposium
TACA Mentor Mixer
Lecture Schedule
Prediction & Prevention Track
ARCH Medical Center Parent Q&A
PANDAS Coverage
Lecture Schedule
Jenny McCarthy Keynote Address
Seizures Track
PANDAS Coverage
Advocacy Track
Adult Services & Residential Think Tank
Dr. Savely Yurkovsky Practitioner Training

Lecture Schedule
Seizures Track
True Health Symposium: Raising a Healthy Child in a Toxic World
Workshop: Interpreting Your Yasko Test Results

AHA Heroes Training
Arts Festival
Book Signings
Elias Tembenis Mini-Walk
TACA Mentors
Generation Rescue Angels Training
Spa Night




Laura Rowley – Associate Director
Lisa Rupe – Assistant Director
Shawn Rowley – Special Projects
Rob & Deb Sidell – News Desk
Rhonda Brunett – Chicago Liaison
Laurie Mawlam – Liaison to Canada
Kerri Rivera – Liaison to Mexico
Betsy Hicks – Nutritional Advisor
Sueson Vess – Chef
Angela Warner, Lisa Rupe – Liaisons to Military Families
Dr. Dan Burns – Adult Issues Liaison
Linda Betzold – Arts Festival Coordinator
Kristin Selby Gonzalez – Student Scholars for Autism
Louise Kuo Habakus – Director, American Personal Rights Rally;
Advocacy Track Coordinator
Mary Holland, Esq. – Director, Elizabeth Birt Center for
Autism Law & Advocacy
Wanda Malone – Spa Night Coordinator
Beth Runion, RHIA, CMT – Transcriptionist
Alice Shabecoff – Environmental Symposium Coordinator
Angela Warner – Auction Coordinator
Fiona Mayne – Graphic Designer

Achievement Products
Age of Autism
Arbonne/Sharon Wayner
ARCH Medical Center/
Dr. Gregory Brown
Autism & Special Needs Furniture
Autism Behavioral Consulting
Autism One 2010 Volunteers
Autism Research Institute
Behavioral Vision/Dr. Carrie Sypherd
Better Batter
Bioshield Paint
Bob’s Red Mill
Brighton Cabinetry
Buchar Family Chiropractic
Chicago Bears
Chicago Blackhawks
Chicago Cubs
Coconut Bliss Ice Cream
Cooking with Jane Casey Lewis
Discount School Supply
Dr. Bronner’s Magic “All-One”
DuJour Catering, Naperville/
Evon Vargaz
Elite Style/Chris Smith
Enjoy Life Foods
Foods by George
Freeman Pottery
Full Spectrum Solutions, Inc.
Fun and Function
Fusion Medical Spa
Generation Rescue Angels
Green Mountain Coffee Roasters
HandHold Adaptive
Houston Enzymes
Hyland’s Homeopathy
Jewel Food Store
Juice Plus/Jan Hammersley
Kate’s Caring Gifts
Kays Natural
Lee Silsby Compounding Pharmacy
Let’s Talk SLS
Living Without magazine
Marshall Salon Services
Massage Warehouse
Medline Products
Mind Your Own Wellness/Alex Ong
Mothering Magazine
Nash Management Group
National Autism Association
Natural Candy Store
Nittany Valley Organics
Pamela’s Products, Inc.
Panera Bread
Parents United Against Autism (PAA)
Pediatric Interactions
Pfeiffer Treatment Center
Deloris Janke Coordinator
ProFactum Homes
Rethink Autism
Rudi’s Organic Bakery
Qutantum Soup Fine Art, Ltd.
Schafer Autism Report
Shabtai Gourmet
Signing Time
Skyhorse Publishing
Soft Clothing
Special Therapies, Inc.
Speech Pathology Associates, LLC
Stampin’ Up
Synergy Institute
TACA Mentor Moms and Dads
The Autism File magazine
The Bureau/Mark Schoeben
The “Original” Owens Pottery
The Wingmen
Unlocking Autism
US Autism & Asperger’s Association
Ventur-On Farms
Voice America/Karen Dana
Wayfarer Candles
Westin O’Hare Hotel
Wines for Autism/Christine Roffi
XSport Fitness
Zazu Salon and Day Spa
Julianne Adams
Hannah Andersson
Aishwerya Bahl
Thomas Balsamo
Susie Bauernfeind
George Bauernfeind
Susan Boaz
Karyn Bordon
Jodi Bouer
Annmarie Brogan
Rhonda Brunett
Irma Canfield
Jacey Capurso
Patti Carroll
Cecilia Coble
Judy Converse
Kimberly Curia
Michael Curia
Kristin Davidson
Vicky Debold
Rachel Deaton
John Della Monica, Jr.
Jill Dolan
Mary Driskell
Zue Duarte
Shannon Fehr
Adriana Gamondes
Jill Gehr
David Geslak
Louise Habakus
Ron Habakus
Dorothy Haberichter
JP Haberichter
Mary Hansbrough
Jen Hansen
Joelle Hardman
Barbara Harper
Phet Haverkos
Stephanie Hemenway
Laura Hirsch
Palmer Holiday
James Holland
Isabella Fisher
Cathy Jameson
Jill Jennings
Richard Kravchuk
Tracy Kilvinger, BCBA
David Kirby
Tera Knight
Tammy Krassick
Steve Krull
Roxann Krull
Dana Laake
Patricia Lemer
Carolyn Lewis
Curt Linderman
Kimberly Linderman
Barbara Loe Fisher
Marie Lukas
Daryl Malone
Wanda Malone
Laura Matheos
Danielle McCready
Joe McCready
Robert McEnoy
Kevin Micklo
Maria Milik
Neil Miller
Kella Odenkirk
Glenn Ortiz
Sandra Parks
Wade Rankin
Gwendolyn Rawdon
Michael Rawdon
Sazeeha Rehman
Brittney Rivers
Tara Rucker
Lenny Schafer
Connie & Rick Schempp
Jennifer & Tom Schwegler
Dr. Robert Sears
Barrie Silberberg
Chris Skillern
Julie Sommers
Padmini Sriman
Sarah Stockwell
Donald Stopper
Rita Stopper
Larry Stuiber
Suzanne Stuiber
Rev. Lisa Sykes
Migdi Tirado
Marianne Thompson
Jennifer Townsley
Dave Troutman
Mary Troutman
Jill Urwick
Kyle Van Dyke, MD
Sueson Vess
Larissa Vujic
Marguerite Wagner
Nancy Wiseman
Michelle Garcia Winner
Casey Alls
Michael Belkin
Christina Blakey
Hugh Califf
Amy Carson
Laura Cellini
Chris Conley
Teresa Conrick
Joni Cox
Hilary Downing
Amy Galarowicz
Kristin Selby Gonzales
Ronald Habakus
Diane Hunter
Steve Janak
Max Kane
Penney Kersten
Bob Krakow
Curt Linderman
Karen McDonough
Angela Medlin
Maurine Meleck
Eric Nanstiel
Mia Nitchun
Ginger Taylor
Harry & Gina Tembenis
Wade & Sym Rankin
Jeanna Reed
Kim Mack Rosenberg
Lisa Rudley
Linda Smeltzer
Allen Tate
Ginger Taylor
Jim Turner
Heather Walker
Angela Warner
Tim Welch
Therese Holliday
Chicago White Sox
Hannah Andersson
Hyland's Inc.
Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes
RC2 Corporation
Rudi's Organic Bakery
Sysco Corp.
The Learning Lane
Zen Works Production
Eminence Organics
Nashville Wraps
Alpha Wave Engineer’s
Playtime with Zeebu