Upholding Rights to Vaccination Choice: The New Jersey Experience


Melanie will share strategies from New Jersey advocacy efforts to uphold individual vaccination choice, parental consent to vaccination for children, and religious exemption to vaccination. Melanie will emphasize how and why we must be involved in advocacy to uphold choice to prevent the following: the addition of new vaccine mandates for children and adults the removal or weakening of vaccine exemptions allowing child consent to certain vaccines and medications allowing vaccination without parental consent implementing default (as opposed to opt in) vaccination registries and more.


Melanie Dragone, MSW, LSW

Melanie Dragone, MSW, LSW is Marketing Director for Fearless Parent™, a New Jersey based non-profit that is devoted to education and awareness about children’s health. We promote and advance the rights of those who are passionate about evidence-based medicine, wellness, green living, and holistic parenting choices. Melanie is the Field Leadership Advisor for Poofy Organics, a USDA Organic personal care product line handmade in New Jersey. She is also a founding member of ID Life, a customized nutritional company. Melanie is a health advocate, working to empower and guide fellow parents in New Jersey. She is the mom of three children.