Ways we can get the whole family involved with our special kiddos this Winter Season!!

So I call these BLAST OFF DAYS because years ago when we were running a full time Son-Rise Program® for my son, Jaxson we discovered it was not only a great way to train new “volunteers and staff” but also a great way to incorporate family members during family gatherings.
We created BLAST OFF DAYS as way to get everyone involved for short periods of time. Do you have family members who want to play with your child but aren’t sure what to do? Does you’re your child have a hard time with transitions? Do you have family and friends that would be super excited to play with your child for 15 min? Well, that is where “BLAST OFF DAYS” come in!!
Basically, you focus on 2 key techniques that I learned while doing The Son-Rise Program®:
Celebration: This means that you celebrate each time the child looks at you, uses language or gestures, etc. It doesn’t necessarily mean loud it just means positive energy on your face.
Join the child: This concept for a 15 min play session is really about giving the child space. If the child is bouncing a ball or stimming then you bounce the ball and not interrupt the child. If you don’t feel comfortable with this then just give the child space and don’t interrupt. (note: Joining in The Son-Rise Program® is doing exactly what the child is doing/stimming. It is your way to be in their world and in a sense “play their game.”) Please note: Not joining would not be a “Son-Rise” technique however, for those just going in the room for 15 min it is MOST important for them to be comfortable.
At the end of each session each family member or friend playing with your special child comes out and shares their moments. It is so special to see the aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and family friends so motivated and happy. We noticed that everyone had 15 min of high energy or 15 min of positive energy and this was great for Jaxson. Of course you can customize this for your own child’s needs. This can be done at any level of where the child’s at and at any age. Another tip is to make a list of the order people go in as this creates an easy format. Note: The parents do not go in (unless they want to). I never did as it was such a rare opportunity for me to be around adult conversation and it was a way for me to have a nice break from my daily routine. Jaxson at the end of these days would sleep so good which of course was just an added bonus!
Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy Winter Season!
Kristin Selby Gonzalez
Jaxson’s Mommy
Host of Raun and Kristin: Bringing Hope into your Home
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