We are The NeoTypicals

Hello Fellow Bloggers! Can't wait for this to explode! We are waiting in eager anticipation of all the information, tips, stories, and testimonials that are forthcoming! Our son Conner has made great strides since his diagnosis of PDD-NOS at age 3. He is shy, but bravely talks to strangers sometimes. He does well with his school work(home-schooled) though often seems confused in social situations. He likes video games and Spongebob, Crazy 8s, Spiderman and playing with his dog, Obi Wan. These days he will drop whatever he is doing if one of the neighborhood kids rings the doorbell to see if he can come out to play. He doesn't YET know all the social "rules" but he knows he likes their company and he talks to them, laughs, and even stands up to them if they are hurting his feelings or someone else's. Words cannot express how incredibly thankful we are to see how far he has come. Conner is 7 now, daily battling autism and BEATING it!

He does most of the work but he also takes a daily cocktail of biomedical treatments, endures homeschooling, and many social exercises in the form of church, play dates with friends, hip hop dance class(this is the BOMB), swimming lessons, and a learning co-op with peers his age. We hope to start piano lessons within the next couple of weeks-his idea.

His successes have inspired us to "give back" when and where we can. We do this in the form of an original rock band-The NeoTypicals which is just us joined by a few friends when we play live. Recently we got a chance to perform at a local benefit for autism in Branson, MO called A Day For Shay which raised $23,000 to help local families receive autism treatment. We also wrote and recorded an album of original music inspired by our family's trek with autism.

We look forward to laughing and crying with all of you.