What Saved My Sanity from the Stresses of Autism Was Yoga

Every parent who has a child with the diagnosis of autism endures hair raising temper tantrums and long sleepless night’s these are daily occurrences for most of us. Feelings of isolation and depression are the norm, and stress is 24/7. I want to share with you what saved my sanity.
Yoga, yes you heard me right the practice of yoga.
I know what you’re thinking, I have no time or you cannot get a babysitter because I said that too! However, there came one point where I knew from the pit of my soul that I must make the time to save my own sanity.
My neighbor Cashmere was born and raised in India, she invited me to attend a yoga class at a place she called Yog Sadhan Ashram. It sounded strange but I followed my intuition that led me to attend on that particular day. Eight years have since passed, and I’m still an active member of yoga, and I haven’t looked back since.

The practice of this ancient art of yoga changed my life, opened up my heart and calmed my soul.
Having a calm clear mind made all the difference in the world, I was a functioning human being that was capable of making sound decisions for me, my family, and for my child with autism.
If you are struggling mentally of physically, please consider becoming a part of the Yog Sadhan Ashram Group that is now provided right here on our web site.

Here is more information if you are from the Chicago land area:
Yog Sadhan Ashram of Chicago offers classes, workshops and other programs for everyone to learn and practice yoga in its entirety. Programs go beyond the physical exercises commonly practiced today, and integrate all aspects of yoga to unite the body, mind and soul. Here is a sampling of our programs:
• Upcoming Hatha & Raja Yoga Retreat
• Hatha yoga classes
• Pranayam workshops
• Teaching of kriyas (cleansings) by appointment
• Sunday Satsang, including sermons in English
• Discourses on yoga scriptures, including Bhagavad Gita and Patanjali's Yoga Sutras
• Havan and prayer ceremonies
• Kirtan and chanting programs
• Personal spiritual consultations
• Celebration of all major Hindu religious festivals
• Ceremonies for birthdays, anniversaries, naam-karan, weddings, etc.
• Offsite teachings and demonstrations at libraries, community centers, temples, etc

For more information on Yog Sadhan yoga programs, visit: http://www.yogsadhanashram-usa or send an E-mail to yogSadhanAshramUSA@gmail.com.

Yes!!! Yoga saved my sanity too from the stresses of autism...

If I did not have so many irons in the fire right now I would get my yoga certification. Maybe next year :)!
Let us not forget that a great DAN! Doctor and psychiatrist, Andrew Levinson, MD is also a yogi (kundalini yoga) and encourages all of his patients to give it a try :)! Hey, better do yoga than pop a pill into your mouth ...

Yoga for Autism

If anyone is interested in learning more about yoga, I have created a Yoga for Autism group that is open to the public. Here is the first post:


Thank you

I will check this out