Wyatt's Eyes

Wyatt’s new thing is to have me lie in his bed with him until he falls asleep. He always lies on his side facing me, and gazes into my eyes from about 5 inches away, penetrating with purity all the way through my heart and soul. Sometimes, as he studies the depths in my eyes, there’s a trace of a smile on his lips, and at other times it is a serious and thoughtful gaze, as though reading what is burned onto my heart like a book. Either way, it seems I can not absorb the love and innocence of those crystal eyes for long without suddenly falling into a mesmerized sleep. One second, I’m wide awake, staring back into the depths of innocence and love in those shining eyes, and the next, I am overwhelmed into a peaceful slumber. Two hours later my eyes spring open as our noses are touching, and I slide quietly off of his bed. Though I go off to bed, or to write, rubbing kinks out of my neck or an arm, I’m also completely renewed, purged of all the trials of life in this world by the pure love, life, and innocent wisdom in Wyatt’s eyes.

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