You Don’t Have to be Sick During Cold and Flu Season!

By Keira Hambrick, M.A.

Experts say that this season’s flu got a head start on infecting us, and that we shouldn’t expect it to ease up any time soon. "We're not over the hump yet," says the Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s expert, William Schaffner, MD, "Basically, we're in the middle of it." In addition to regular bacterial and viral threats of cold and flu, this season we must contend with the new strain of the influenza virus—the aggressive H3N2 strain. H3N2 causes severe symptoms and is leaving thousands across the 48 states bed-ridden for up to two weeks. Recent research studies show that nutritional supplementation can significantly boost the immune system.

Vitamin D-3
In recent years, scientific and medical studies have shown that vitamin D-3 deficiency can rob the immune system of important defense factors. Furthermore, supplementing with vitamin D-3 can help to achieve and maintain appropriate levels of the vitamin. More information on vitamin D and immunity is available at Kirkman® offers hypoallergenic vitamin D-3 (Cholecalciferol) capsules in 400 International Units (IU) (0378-120), 1000 IU (0380-120), 2000 IU (0422-120), and 4000 IU (0434-120). Kirkman® also offers a vitamin D-3 Chewable 1000 IU Tablet (0428-090) and a 1000 IU Vegan Vitamin D (0491-050) formula sourced from mushrooms.

Probiotics populate the gastrointestinal tract with and stimulate the production of beneficial bacteria while crowding out the pathogenic bacteria. In an August 2009 article in Pediatrics it was reported that taking certain probiotic strains can lessen the frequency and severity of illness and reduce the need for antibiotics. A 2010 study suggested that probiotics, by introducing "good" bacteria into the gut, may help maintain immune system activity, which in turn helps the body react more quickly to new infections. Antibiotics seem to reduce immune system activity as a result of killing off the normal gut bacteria, according to a 2010 study reported by ScienceDaily. Kirkman® offers several proprietary probiotics: Pro-Bio™ Gold (0442-060 and 0442-120), Pro-Bio Chewable Wafers (0344-090), Super Pro-Bio® 75 Billion Bio Max Series (0345-060) and Pro-Bio™ Inulin Free (0404-090).

Immuno-Aid™ Advanced Formula — Hypoallergenic (0426-120)
If you’re unsure of which supplements to take, Kirkman® offers Immuno-Aid™ Advanced Formula, an excellent “all-in-one” combination of immune supporting vitamins, minerals, and herbal compounds, which are proven immune stimulators. The ingredients in Immuno-Aid™ Advanced Formula have been clinically shown to support immunity and help you stay well.
This product combines the nutrients vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc and selenium with powerful herbal immune supporters—beta glucan, astragalus and elderberry—to produce a very potent immune stimulating formulation.

Beta Glucan (0050-250)
Beta Glucan is known to support macrophages—the white blood cells that stimulate immune response. Kirkman’s Beta Glucan has a different chemical structure, which makes it more active than most beta glucan in the marketplace. Kirkman® uses a plant-based compound form of beta glucan
that is recognized as a long-chain polysaccharide molecule consisting of highly purified glucose. It is different than regular glucose in that it is made up of many glucose molecules linked together in a long branched chain with a specific chemical arrangement in the first and third glucose positions.

Yeast-Aid™ (0058-200)
Kirkman’s Yeast-Aid™ is a proprietary product formulated
to support the immune system
and control yeast levels in the body. Yeast-Aid™ was developed while working closely with several physicians and with the guidance of the late Dr. William Crook, an expert in yeast issues. It is intended that this supplement only be used if recommended by a physician.
This hypoallergenic version is offered in capsules that should be swallowed whole to avoid the bitter taste of the unsweetened ingredients.

CD-Herbal Capsules (0396-180)
CD-Herbal™ is a powerful hypoallergenic blend of herbal components that support gastrointestinal health by helping control undesirable gut flora. This product was formulated to use with Kirkman’s CD- Biotic™, a specialty probiotic designed to support healthy gastrointestinal flora when certain difficult bacteria have populated the gut. Under certain circumstances and very frequently among sensitive individuals, certain strains of bad bacteria become concentrated in the gastrointestinal tract and are very difficult to eradicate using conventional probiotics or drugs. This is especially true if the strain of bacteria is a spore-forming organism. Spores of these types of organisms can lie dormant in the gut following various types of control procedures, only to repopulate when conditions are right.
CD-Herbal™ contains thyme, oregano and curcumin (turmeric) herbs—all
of which can exhibit inhibitory support on harmful gut flora. It also contains cumin, an herb that stimulates the growth of the probiotic strain Lactobacillus plantarum, which is also present in CD-Biotic™ and instrumental in helping crowd out undesirable flora.

Colostrum Gold™ Liquid (0803-008, 0803-016, 0804-004, 0804-008 and 0804-016)
Colostrum supplies immune and growth factors and a perfect combination of vitamins and minerals to the newborn. Colostrum helps support the immune system and provides growth factors to stimulate growth of muscle, skin, cartilage, nerve and bone tissue. Kirkman® produces both flavored and unflavored colostrum in three convenient sizes.

IP-6 with Calcium and Magnesium — Flavored Powder (0418-414)
Inositol hexaphosphate also known as IP-6 is a natural carbohydrate found in cereal grains, brown rice, corn, sesame, wheat bran, beans and other foods high in fiber. IP-6 possesses antioxidant and immune enhancing properties, which when tested in-vitro exhibit significant protective and growth regulating effects on cells and tissues.
IP-6 has shown promise in contributing to abnormal cell destruction in multiple types of tissues, which is due to its antioxidant properties. Far more research is needed in this area before any conclusive statements can be made.

Caprylic Acid 350 mg (8888-100)
Caprylic acid has a long history of being used to support the eradication of fungal, bacteria, viral and parasitic infections. It is found in the milk of mammals including human breast milk, and also is a constituent of coconut oil and butter fat.
Caprylic acid can work synergistically with probiotics to help improve the flora of the intestinal tract so as to ward off unwanted fungal, bacterial or parasitic overgrowths.
Kirkman® offers Caprylic Acid from Good n’ Natural®. The tablets may be crushed to powder and sprinkled in food or drink.

Mycellized Vitamin A Liquid (0366-001)
Vitamin A is key in maintaining immune cell function and plays a role in the development of T cells and B cells and also promotes antibody function. Many physicians are using periodic high doses of Vitamin A for select patients. It is important to discuss high dosage Vitamin A with your doctor and follow dosing instructions carefully. It is also important to continue that suggested dosage regimen only for the length of time specified by that provider.

Vitamin C 250 mg (0024-250)
Vitamin C is a key factor in protecting our cells from oxidative stress and works in conjunction with vitamin E and selenium in enhancing immune response.

Vitamin E 100 IU (0030-100 and 0030-250)
Vitamin E is a very efficient antioxidant and a modulator of a number of our body’s host of immune functions.