Rethinking Autism

Manisha M Lad, Nutritionist after quitting the booming Information Technology career 13yrs back.

Founder and Director of Akhil Autism Foundation, Director Akhil Health Foods and mother of an child with autism on its way towards recovery. Autism is a battle to be won and Every child is unique and requires individualized intervention plan. Parents are the best judges and are the Key players in child’s progress,

Rivera: Kerri Rivera

Esta serie esta enfocada en intervenciones biomedicas intencionadas para la recuperacion del autismo. Temas tales como dieta, suplementos, terapia ABA, quelacion intravenosa y camara hiperbarica. Las entrevistas se realizaran a personas que actualmente trabajan con ninos con autismo. Los programas seran en espanol.

Schwartz: Norm Schwartz MD

We now know that autism is a systemic disorder with brain and gastrointestinal inflammation, immune dysregulation and imbalanced biochemistry. The first DAN! Think Tank, sponsored by the Autism Research Institute 12 years ago, initiated a scientific and evidence-based exploration to unravel these multi-system abnormalities. A coalition of parents, researchers, and physicians had the audacity to suggest autism is treatable. Through sharing ideas and talents, listening to each other, and following the science for treatment strategies-- children improved, sometimes dramatically.

Sicile-Kira: Chantal Sicile-Kira

The Real World covers the reality of everyday life dealing with autism in all its aspects. Interview segments focus on practical issues, discussed with leading experts and community members. Questions from listeners in regards to anything related to autism will be answered in the "Dear Chantal" part of the show. Anecdotes, current events, valuable resources and noteworthy individuals will be covered in the "Travels with Autism" section. Visit Chantal's website here.