Small: Teri Small

Snyder: Ruth Snyder, RN: An Autistic Voice

Ruth will bring insights and information of what it really is like living with autism in a society that does not understand it, and the effects it has on individuals with and without autism. Interviews will be primarily with adults on the spectrum, but also at "user friendly” places found “safe” in the search for self-advocacy, self-understanding, and, most of all, acceptance of self and society. Ruth encourages self-advocacy so that the children will know how far they can grow.

Sound Effects with Dorinne Davis, MA, CCC-A, FAAA

“Sound Effects with Dorinne Davis” will discuss how sound affects the person with autism. Ms. Davis will share her expertise as the only person certified in all the major sound therapies, as well as invite other well known specialists in the specific fields of sound therapy to discuss their knowledge and experiences with the listener.

Special Needs Kids: Ask the nutritionist

Have you ever wondered about the daily soup-to-nuts of the A, B, C's (vitamins A, B, C, that is)? What are the different types of vitamin A, and can you eat a bunch of carrots on the same day as taking a vitamin A supplement? Which B might be better for my child? Which C could feel better on my stomach? Is the safety of D-3 and D-2 the same? Why does E go well with selenium? And how will selenium let your family eat fish more safely?

Stewart: Kendal Stewart, MD & Lisa Hunter Ryden: The Parent and Physician Partnership for Healing our Children

This will be the first radio show to feature the parent and physician team approach to healing and recovery of an autistic child. Dr. Stewart and Lisa will discuss the importance of integrating a Coordinated Care Model, which uses evidence based medical treatments, a parent and professional team approach, and open communication as a means of recovering a child from autism.

Sytsema: Jack & Rebecca Sytsema : Children of Destiny: Spiritual Strength and Hope for Families Struggling with Autism

If you are the parent of a child with autism, you know the agonizing pain of the shock, grief, distress, and even the hopelessness that can grip your soul. And in the midst of the dark night, one question burns in our spirits: Where is God? Within that question lies many others we are often left to ponder: What future does our child have? Can God, will God heal them? And what of the families? Will we ever get our lives back? Will our marriage survive? Will we survive?

There's Hope with Homeopathy

Focuses on homeopathic treatment and how it can be used successfully to treat autism as well as many other chronic diseases. Amy discusses her son's cure from autism and her best-selling book Impossible Cure. She covers the basics of homeopathic philosophy and treatment as well as offering specific helpful information for parents. Shows include guest interviews with homeopathic practitioners and patients who have had success with homeopathic treatment.