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The Pfeiffer Treatment Center is an outpatient medical facility that provides information to 23,000 patients from all 50 states and 75 foreign countries. They work in collaboration between medical doctors and scientists and utilize individualized Biochemical Therapy.

Incomplete Brain Development in Autism: Causes & Treatment

• Oxidative stress may be the decisive factor in autism-spectrum disorders.
• Treatment protocols aimed at (1) reduction of oxidative stresses and (2) development of new brain cells and synapses are highly promising.
• Long-term antioxidant therapy may be needed to prevent loss of brain cells and mental retardation.

Using Evidence-Based Medicine to Choose Effective Biomedical Treatments for Autism and ADHD

Power Point Presentation By: Dan Rossignol, MD FAAFP

Using evidence-based medicine to choose effective biomedical treatments for autism and ADHD
Dr. Rossignol will review over 20 double-blind, placebo-controlled studies on effective biomedical treatments (including nutritional supplementation) in both autism and ADHD.

Biomedical Treatments for Autism by ...

This talk will summarize the major biomedical treatments for autism that are supported by research, including special diets, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, digestive enzymes, gut treatments, glutathione, sulfation, chelation, and immunological treatments.


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The Child as a Whole Why Behavioral and Biomedical Interventions are both Critical to Growth and Recovery

Power Point Presentation By: Doreen Granpeesheh, Ph.D.
What is Autism: A whole body condition
The Synergistic Effects of ABA and Biomedical Interventions working together
Sudden and dramatic changes in behavior when medical interventions are put in place
Case Studies
What is ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)
What is good ABA?
How can you gain access to it?

Improvement in Biological Indicators in Autism

Power Point Presentation By: Robert Nataf, MD.

The Urinary Porphyrin Profile has been used to assess environmental toxicity in autistic
children with significant issues through elevations of mercury responsive metabolites,
pentacarboxy, precopro and coproporphyrin. Growing evidence supports usefulness
of the urinary porphyrin profile in monitoring of chelation therapy effectiveness, by
in ¾ of cases real reduction in porphyrinuria and not rarely drastic drop in
compounds, translated in speech and behaviour improvement.

The Child as a Whole Why Behavioral and Biomedical Interventions are both Critical to Growth and Recovery

Power Point Presentation By: Doreen Granpeesheh, PhD.

Treatment approaches grounded in Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) are now
consideredto be at the forefront of educational interventions for children with autism.
However, research supports a biomedical etiology for autism and while studies are
conducted to identify exact biomedical pathways, many case studies point to successful
outcome with biomedical treatments.

Environmental Toxins, including Tick Borne Diseases -- How We Can Manage Them Better SAFELY

The environment around us is constantly changing. Our body must be able to recognize the source of the toxins, minimize the exposures, and then rid the toxins so that they do not negatively affect our health and metabolism. Many children and adults with autism spectrum disorders have some alterations in their biochemistry and genetic polymorphisms, where they are disadvantaged in their ability to cleanse and nourish their cells ideally.

David Dornfeld, DO

David Dornfeld, DO, has been practicing family medicine for over 28 years, with extensive experience covering the full spectrum of clinical family medicine, including children beyond the age of two. Throughout this time, he has developed a special interest in working with children who have ASDs. His experience includes family medicine, spinal manipulation, chelation therapy, IV infusion therapy and hyperbaric therapies. Focusing on whole body he alleviates pain through hands-on osteopathic therapy, manipulation and nutritional support, with additional experience that encompasses nutritional counseling, diving medicine, chelation therapy, weight loss and many areas of holistic medicine and primary care medicine. His Family Wellness Center is in Middletown, NJ


Power Point Presentation By: Michael W. Elice, M.D. and
Barbara Fischkin.

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