It's late and mostly quite. It's the time of day I like best. My boys are asleep. Teri is too. Some folks are morning people. I'm a night owl.

There was a recent article in Wired magazine about AutismOne. I'm guessing the magazine is looking for some official response or others may be wondering if we plan to respond. And the short answer is, no.

We have always attempted to stay above the fray. I would much prefer helping a mom, working on something positive or playing with my boys than addressing mainstream trivia.

Healing the New Childhood Epidemics Through Biomedical Treatment and Interventions by Kenneth Bock

In "Healing the New Childhood Epidemics", Kenneth Bock explains how the 4-A disorders: AUTISM, ADHD, ASTHMA, AND ALLERGIES are linked together by the commonality of genetic vulnerability/susceptibility triggered by environmental factors – especially toxins as well as infections and allergens. Furthermore, he explains that these conditions are treatable and even preventable through dietary changes, probiotics, and nutritional supplements coupled with behavioral and educational interventions.

AO Conference Guide 2014