Supplements Under Your Holiday Tree!

On Dasher and Dancer and DMG!
Supplements Under Your Holiday Tree!

The shuttles are almost packed! Families are busily preparing – whether hosts or guests – to visit relatives and friends for the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Food, travel, and shopping are big parts of this, but where is the emphasis on health? During the holiday season, with the increase in the consumption of foodstuffs containing white sugar, the decreased length of daytime and exposure to sunshine, the decreased amount of sleep due to "exotic" foods and changes in routine, and the increased exposure to germs and viruses through travel and festivities, how can you protect your whole family’s health? If I were preparing, I would think about shipping some probiotics, digestive enzymes, vitamin D-3, and a good multi-nutrient supplement with antioxidants and immune-enhancing ingredients ahead to Grandma’s house. If I forgot to do that, then I would choose from the many easily transportable trial sizes available from Kirkman® along with a bottle of probiotics (and ice pack) in a small cooler. Some other considerations for Grandma’s house would be the following:

1) Magnesium sulfate cream for use after chlorinated bath water or a chlorinated hotel pool

2) Reduced L-glutathione lotion, N-acetyl cysteine, methyl-B-12 powder, and folinic acid for exposure to other folks’ cleaning agents that are not hypoallergenic (also consider sending some Kirkman KleenTM products ahead)

3) Methyl-B-12 powder, folinic acid capsules, DMG, and activated charcoal capsules for too much “eat, drink, and be merry” for mom and dad

4) Super Nu-Thera® as a good, overall multi-vitamin/mineral supplement providing antioxidants

5) Immuno-AidTM Advanced as a good multi providing antioxidants and other immune-enhancing nutrients

As always, please double-check nutrients and cumulative nutrient levels being supplemented with the healthcare provided seen by your family members.

Now, here are a couple of perky poems to brighten up your holiday travels. (Please note that digestive enzymes are useful for many GI issues and body processes and to help when there are occasional, accidental dietary infractions, but we are not suggesting them as a substitute for a doctor-recommended special diet.)


The Night After Turkey

'Twas the night after turkey and all around
Visions of shopping and parking abound
Running in stores and sweating in malls
Fevers and chills are wont to befall.

What can we say
What can we do
So that this doesn't
Happen to you?

If you're riding in buses, in trams, or in trains,
Walking in airports and flying in planes,
Your body bombarded and under duress
Overly tired and immune-depressed

You need advanced Immuno-Aid
Ultra-Tested and Kirkman made
With vitamin A and vitamin C,
Zinc, and selenium, vitamin E,
Beta glucan and elderberry,
and astragalus to keep you merry.

So if you're in crowds this holiday season
Immuno-Aid Advanced has many good reasons
to benefit from its immune enhancin'
'til New Year's Eve when you'll be dancin'!

To Grandma's House We Go!

Over the highway and through the woods
To Grandmother's house we'll go
We'll feast on things we don't usually eat
And get crimson cheeks of rose

Cookies and sugars and pies and tarts
Flour and dairy, just for a start
We'll stay up all night until morning light
To Grandmother's house we go

Mom will come back and be aghast
At our swinging on chandeliers
But what could hold back gastronomic relapse
At Grandmother's house so dear?

Mom's got it beat
And packed Enzym-Complete
Keeping us all in tow
Decreasing the funk
From eating the junk
At Grandmother's house, you know

On Amylase, Peptidase
Donder and Blitzen
Cellulase, Xylanase
Prancer and Vixen
To the top of roof of the mouth and the tummy
Digesting all of those treats that taste yummy

Helping the gas and the pain and the bloating
The stools that are smelly and stools that are floating
Now the kids are in bed and down off the walls
Happy holidays to you and peace be to all.