Heckenlively Radio - Saving the World in Style

Heckenlively Radio is a show dedicated to the curious minds of the world.  You will be enlightened, entertained, hopefully have a few laughs, and realize that there are some truly courageous people in the world.  Consider this program as some terrible genetic chimera of Robin Williams, Nelson Mandela, and Carl Sagan.

Kent Heckenlively is a science teacher, attorney, and a contributing founding editor of Age of Autism.  In college he worked for US Senator Pete Wilson and in law school he worked for two summers at the US Attorney's Office in San Francisco.  His book, PLAGUE, written with Dr. Judy Mikovits, a twenty-year government scientist is one of the best selling virus books of the past decade.  His new book, INOCULATED, is ready to rock the world in November 2015.