Our last Disney Day!

Today was day 5 of our 5-Day Disney Park Hopper tickets in Orlando.
We started off at the Magic Kingdom. We got a late start - Ella couldn't seem to wake up and then it took her forever to get ready - she's only 6! Still not too bad. The park was a lot less crowded today on a Tuesday than it was on a Thursday when we first went.
Ryan and Kyle went straight for Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain. Ella and I rode Snow White twice, Small World and Peter Pan (with fastpass) and then met the boys at Splash Mountain. It turned out that Big Thunder Mountain had broke down while they were waiting, so they went over to Splah Mountain instead and had gotten soaked. Then they rode Big Thunder twice. This mild roller coaster was also a train - can't go wrong with Kyle and trains.
We all went on Splash Mountain together and then on Big Thunder Mountain once. Then we headed back to the parking lot and ate lunch enroute to Disney Hollywood Studios.
Since we had discovered that Kyle really likes roller coasters, Ryan wanted to take him on the Rock 'n Roller Coaster. No way I was going on that. So I sat around with all the other moms and wives who refused to go - for over an hour while Ryan, Kyle and Ella rode 3 times. Ryan said Kyle was watching the cars litterally take off they were so fast - he would point and say "wheeee". He thought Kyle was scared, but liked it.
While I was waiting I ran into Kyle's speech therapist from last year! Wow!
That was it - we went back to the condo for a couple hours then Ella and I headed back to Hollywood Studios for the evening an the Fantasmic show. Ella and I went on the Backlot Tour, Narnia (I could have watched the movie at home - not a good use of space) and Star Tours twice. We had something to eat and headed toward the theater for Fantasmic. We arrived 45 minutes before the show and it was 90% full already!
The show was good - the best of the Magic Kingdom and Epcot night shows. BUT what were they thinking when they thought they could get 10,000 people in and 10,000 people out of one entrance/exit at the same time! It was horrible. Fortunately, an exhausted mom and dad gave us fast passes to Toy Story Mania so we ditched the crowd as soon as possible and went the other way to ride that one more time before leaving the park (I scored over 105,000 this time - 80% accuracy).
It was easy getting back to the parking lot on the tram and then out of the parking lot. The lots were all designed well - they should have had that team design the theater.
Kyle was already in bed when we got back at 9:45pm, but he wasn't asleep yet. Ella got her pjs on right away and cried herself to sleep because she didn't want to go home. Hopefully we will be back!