Mercury Spill Closes H1N1 Flu Shot Clinic. Oh The Irony!

A “broken thermometer” is the apparent cause of an all too ironic mishap at the Greenbush School in West Warwick R.I. this past Friday afternoon. An H1N1 Flu Vaccine Clinic was being held when a thermometer was apparently broken, causing the evacuation of the clinic and a subsequent call to a Hazmat team for clean-up. Perhaps many within the community of West Warwick will view this as an unfortunate incident that has caused the clinic to shut down prematurely, thus allowing many of those wanting to be vaccinated, as of yet unprotected.
To the autism and “anti-vaccine” communities, this is quite literally an ironic twist of fate that cannot be ignored and will most certainly be followed. These idiotic, moronic individuals (no doubt working for a local Health department) are concerned with a mercury spill from an old thermometer? So much so, that they will call in a Hazmat Team to clean up the spill? Just prior to this “broken thermometer” they were injecting far more mercury than this into the systems of their “victims”!
A couple of questions must be asked: was it truly a thermometer that was broken? What was an antiquated thermometer like this doing in an H1N1 Flu Vaccine Clinic? ATO would like to pose another scenario. This scenario would of course be a broken vial of the H1N1 vaccine that possibly hit the gym floor in a Health Department employee’s overzealous frenzy to inject /poison as many of the citizens standing in line as possible. A Hazmat team would of course have to be called in to clean up a spill from a broken vial of the flu shot, but this scenario would of course be a bit hard to justify, were the lowly ignorant citizens standing in line for their shot to find this tidbit of information. Would they put two and two together? Who knows, but the autism community sure would!
This evacuation and clean-up comes on the heels of a news story from Arizona that details last February’s Agua Fria High School mercury “spill” that cost an estimated $800,000.00 to clean up. Two students, one a freshman and the other a junior, “found “two bottle of methyl mercury in a science classroom and decided to steal them and show off the funny looking metallic liquid that curiously balled up on its own when dropped onto the locker room floor, classroom tables throughout the school and even a cousin’s kitchen table where someone finally recognized the liquid for what it was and called some adults and eventually 911.
The reason I bring this particular story up at this time, since they seemingly are unrelated to my premise of the clinic being shut down due to a vaccine vial breakage, is because of the quotes in the extensive Arizona Republic’s Newspaper article. Quotes like: “Avondale police, firefighters and the Goodyear Fire Department’s Hazardous Materials team converged on the house (where one of the teens brought the mercury after school). Even in microscopic quantities, mercury poses a serious health risk.” Another particularly funny (not ha-ha) quote: “Mercury enters the body by being absorbed through the skin or inhaled. At high levels, mercury can damage the nervous system. Even at low levels, mercury exposure can harm the brain, heart, kidneys, lungs and the immune system. Symptoms include shortness of breath, irritability and mood changes, insomnia, headache and chills. The EPA considers mercury levels of 1,000ng/m3 (1,000 nanograms per cubic meter of air) a potential health threat.”
So what was a mercury thermometer doing in an H1N1 clinic in December of 2009? Even if this particular health department was actually doing their jobs correctly and checking their victim’s temperatures prior to injecting them with the vaccine, as should be the case, would they use an antiquated thermometer that takes minutes to register their subject’s temps? While this should be a rhetorical question, I’ll answer it anyway: No, they would use the digital thermometers that takes seconds to register and can nowadays be found in most households throughout the country, much less in a health department’s vaccine clinic!
This leads this reporter to believe that the spill was actually a vaccine vial breakage and suggests to me that the Health Department employees and the first responders are covering up the spill due to the incredible amount of questions that this mishap would have raised. If this vaccine was spilled and required a hazmat team to remediate, what in the hell are you doing injecting it into pregnant women and children!? Where is the mainstream media regarding this issue? Why haven’t they questioned the scenario suggested by the Health department? When will these questions be asked? What will the official response be and how will the thinking parents react when the truth is finally told?
While I have no actual evidence to state that this is in fact what happened, these are serious and potentially damning questions that must be asked and there is little doubt in my mind that a vaccine vial was broken and spilled and the cover-up is allowed to continue because the mainstream media will not ask these questions. I however, will.