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Omni-Intelligencer article: A brief introduction to video modeling as a tool for autism. http://tinyurl.com/Intro-VM14 years 26 weeks ago
Video modeling may be the most useful of all social skills therapy for children with autism. http://autism.healingthresholds.com/research/14 years 27 weeks ago
No need to give up when we're just getting started. Chase the Hope: http://bit.ly/8tKAnB via @addthis14 years 27 weeks ago
E-reader with application to autism. Ray Kurzweil Unveils BLIO - C.E.S. 2010 Las Vegas http://youtu.be/0Y8ejp0hlB014 years 27 weeks ago
@EmergingEdTech it's sure a mouthful but I like it — 14 years 27 weeks ago
Hard work/coolaboratin do pay off Dr. Cathy Pratt Announces Professional Competencies for Teachers of Autism http://youtu.be/C766--K-fGI14 years 27 weeks ago
@MegOyanagi You are welcome. Thank you for the follow and good luck. — 14 years 27 weeks ago