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Rhonda Brunett
Hi Teri.... Will you be my friend
Lisa Lundy
Hi Teri, Can we please be friends on the AutismOne site? I'm meeting with Laurette Janak next week - very exciting. Much love and thanks for all you do! Love, Lisa
Laura Rowley
will u b my friend?
Sara Smith
Hey, is everyone out of jail now? Can I send you a get out of jail free card?
Hodan Hassan
Can i please add you to my list of friends? :):)
Sheri Miller
Lisa Rupe
Hi Teri. Glad to be with you guys. Cat
Angelina Strum ...
Hello there! I am new to the Autism One community, but very familiar with the conferences and what the organization has to offer. I am a special education teacher and work primarily with children with moderate to severe ASD. I would like to be a part of this community of wonderful people in hopes that I can share some of my expertise with friends, parents, educators and anyone else who wants to make this world a better place for individuals with autism and thier families. Check out my profile for information!! :-)