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DavidFord wrote:
11 years 19 weeks ago

Hi Rhonda,

An article will be published soon concerning our family and the success our daughter has had with the Diet. I am part of a group involved in a business venture to open a company that I will be able to discuss in greater details in the near future. I will post the link to the article once it appears in the publication "Living Without."

All the best,


11 years 19 weeks ago

Hello David,

I wanted to welcome you to our Autism One Community.
My goodness in reading a little about you my jaw was hitting my floor. What haven't you accomplished!
I am the proud mother of a child with autism named Jordan who has over come many obstacles. I am a part of this community to be of service to others also to learn more about Biomedical and GFCF Cooking. David what exactly are you doing to corner the market? What is a MFG Plant? I'm clueless.
I'd also like to share with you that my sister in-laws brother Keith Hackney was a UFC Challenger in 1993-1994. I believe Keith fought a 600 pound man called the Giant Killer.
I'm not in to the UFC its a little hard for me to watch but we all need an outlet . Nice connecting with you, please post some pictures and mingle with our members it sounds like you have a lot of knowledge please do share it with us! Have a great summer. Rhonda Brunett

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Partial section of a great story written about my daughter... LOST AND FOUND: "Food as treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder.
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