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Help me Guru,

That is a great name!
I would like to Welcome you into our Autism One Community.
I read your profile it's very informative thank you by the way for posting it, when you have an opportunity we would love to see some pictures Please(: I see your hero is your mother how wonderful your so sweet. Posted on my profile is my hero my son Jordan. I guess mother's and son's have this deep connection it's really beautiful. I see you also are extremely active and into pilates good for you.. I workout as well 4:30 AM. I'm up and out the door to jazzersize class. I love getting my heart rate up and at the end of class we lift weights and do some yoga. I am also a yoga student of ten years studying under a Guru straight from India. That's why I like your profile name. Anyway introduce yourself to others and allow us to learn about Aspergers from an expert that would be you of coarse!
Keep in touch and enjoy your summer get some sun.
Rhonda Brunett

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Diagnosed in 2004.

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