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Pamela Feres
About Me
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4 children 2 with autism/down syndrome, one daughter Charissa 12 with severe allegies causing depression.Jonathan 19, Chanysse 8 and Jezeriah 8.
Masters degree in Special Ed.
McGill University and Concordia for my undergrad in early childhood Ed.
Full time mom to 4 beautiful angels!
A Little About Me: 

In 1998 I was awarded a special Canadian award Canada's TOP 40 Under 40 for creating a daycare/preschool and kindergarten which focused on an inclusive model! Despite being considered differently abled myself I went on to earn a maters degree myself and create an award winning centre called the FERES Alternative Learning Centre. It ran for 11 years and I learend so much about many things that supported children with autism! I have since gone on to adopt 4 children with varying differences and today my plight is to advance these little angles that were given up because of their differences! Today I continue my plight as a single mom! TWO of my 4 children that were adopted also have developed autism! I go in search of every way possible to support them and help them be all they can be in life! GOD put us all here for very important reasons! My children are NO exception despite their challenges! As for my girls they are so understanding and interested in supporting health thru eating well! Charissa wants to be a doctor and support others thru effective diet and nutrician! Chanysse will be a singing doctor she tells me! All our lives are touched and changed forever with what we live! BUT most importantly our lives keep us seeing and believing in miracles!

Why I am a Part of the AutismOne Community: 

I have 2 adopted boys ages 3 and 19 with autism/down syndrome. I need to join like minds! I am very passionate about supporting and doing all I can for my boys! I live in a small French community that needs to be date or educated on HOW to effectively support and decrease problems in children with autism! So I am praying for a miracle in our area! MAJOR education so that MY work with my boys begins to be values and not seen as odd or needing to be changed just because it is different! TO lead others into the light is what is really needed so all kids with autism have a fighting chance! My kids are exceptional in the learning and developing department! They are very happy and functional in all they do! Jonathan developed serious kidney problems at 15! Jonathan went down to 80 pounds at about 5 feet tall! I soon learned that a major problem was that he has polyuria! He had 3 operations related to this and I am coming to the realization that all the surgeries may have been unnecessary! Jonathan may have toxins which are causing his kidney swelling and polyuria! BUT because we deal with doctors unfamiliar with autism no one every realized the medical challenges and the serious outcome that develops as a result! So Jonathan went thru many operations and medications JUST because most doctors don't know how to effectively understand and diagnose all the problems that go along with autism! TODAY we are still in search of support so that Jonathan's kidneys can heal and one day he stops peeing so excessivley! We live with many predudices because Jonathan does not just have autism but he also has down syndrome! Each doctor we see reveals their prejudices! ONE endocrinologists actually said kids with down syndrome die very YOUNG anyways like it was not worth treating him. She shrugged off the fact that Jonathan pees in excess of 4-7 litres a day and only takes in a maximum of 2 litres! It is vital to find Jonathan support soon so he can live a LONG and health life! His polyuria has gone on for ay too long now! I am believing this PLACE AUTISMONE... will give us this support! BEST of all with people that don't judge others for adopting 4 children! A place that values all human life despte all their differences! A place that values single mothers and commend everyones hard work to strive for excellence in advancing and supporting our children!! MOST importantly I know my children will be valued and considered worthy of support amongst other like minds!!!BUT there are doctors out there that care deeply and can make the difference in Jonathan life.! I want to connect with those incredable individuals!

What I am Here For: 
To gain friends and like minds so that we can JOIN and share success stories! Work together with other like minds so that we can wipe out the causes of autism! Effectively support children with autism on a day to day basis! To gain support from other professionals that I can network with and find answers for my children! To seek out individuals that will give me ideas as to HOW I can STOP discrimination in our small town and support a new and vital understanding of what people like us do as valuable and supportive for kids with autism! FRENCH links and french material so I can educate this area and even QUEBEC as to what we must do to support kids with autism! I want to contunie to be a Canadian leader that can help lead QUEBEC into the light of understanding...with the support of many from AutismOne!
Autism Help / Accomplishments: 

I ran an award winning school called Feres alternative Learning Centre for 11 years. We supported more then 160 children with special needs into local community schools! I believe in miracles and see to it that miracles remain an important part of our lives! I am eager to share all I learned and what will support special needs children in daycares/preschools and kindergartens! To share what makes them happy and well adjusted the moment they walk into a setting that is gears towards their needs! A place where all children feel better and learn more!

My Daily Motivations: 

My 2 boys are my motivation to support their advancements means the world to me! We all need to get motivated to support positive change for individuals with autism! One in one hundred children are now being born with autism! MY girls teach me so much about the importance of diet and all I do to support healing and development! My 12 year old daughter wrote about HOW foods affect her so terribly! Charissa comes from Cambodia and the toxins affected her life too! Many kids with Cambodian roots have very differnt bood discrepencies which means we need to work hard to understand this better too! I am beginning to see that we are all affected by proccessed foods sugars and grains! When my daughter eats right she is the happiest of spirits! And I see now where depression actually comes from! The wrong food we ingest actually creates our depression! And JUST maybe MANY OTHER KIDS with Autism/down syndrome HAVE EXCESSIVE URINATION PROBLEMS AND THAT IS ACTUALLY PART OF THE REASON SO MANY OF OUR KIDS ARE SO VERY DEHYDRATED! Deydration leads to intellectual deficits if not treated early on in life! So we all need to be more aware and vigilint when it comes to nutritianal support and kids with Autism!

I would like to work ith others to actually see if in fact polyuria could be a factor in many of our kids with autism! Then find a way to stop this from happening so they can all live with healthy kidneys for LIFE! Right now I have actually come across several kids with autism/down syndrome who have kideny problems and even heard of one 30 year old man in the next town that has lost his kidney function! So I need to work fast so that my sweet beautiful Jonathan is able to create his art and share it with our world for a very LONG time! Jonathan has been compared to Picasso with his art work! Jonathan's work is very valuable for all of us to see, admire and enjoy!! Its simple angelic like spiritual feeling it emmits is JUST sooo peaceful and loving! It tells us about a deep JOY he has within and this leaps out in all the art work he does! A true and vital spiritual connection our world need to connect with! So help me help him live a LONG life and share his work by healing him! Any help would be so appreciated!
Help Needed: 
I PRAY that one day soon an Angel like JENNY McCarthy can come to our area and KICK BUTT to educate others in our area! I am dealing with so much descrimination with our local support services where they are supposed to support the special needs children in our community! WITH education and support to the professionals in our area, I believe we can bring about the miracles necessary so that kids with autism can advance! As well,make sure their parents are praised positively supported and valued for their passion and efforts to do all they can to create positive change for their children's advancements and successes! I want others to understand about the diet and important value it all plays in healing our children! Presently there is very little to support and advance these children in our area for kids 0-5! Not one professional informed me about diet/biomedical support for autism! However we live in a heavenly area and children should have the right to be effectively serviced here in this area! We back on a beautiful river and swim all summer long! The fresh air and beauty is so healing for us all! We JUST need an angel like Jenny McCarthy to support a PROFOUND change so that others can make the shift to excellent successful support!This will make life so much better for children with autism and their families! When can begin to keep up to date with the latest advancement to support children with autism, successful supportive change happens! My children are forever changed thanks to people like JENNY McCarthy and her courage to take a stand! Jenny is teaching so many to push foreword NO MATTER WHAT!! What an incredable example Jenny is to so many!
Help to Give: 

I am so willing to open my doors and show others what it is like have children that live on a very special diet to keep them as well as possible! A reality show would create the REAL catalist for change in our area! We have JUST been awarded a grant to support my 19 year old son with Communication! After working hard with diets and suppliments and doing much of the 10 top thriiive supports for autism Jonathan is more open than ever to communicate! Creating a film/video watching Jonathan advance in communication would give others the realization that it is never too late to start the diet and work to advance our sons/daughters who are older and have autism! THE more others see and understand the more our world will change to better support individuals with autism!

Swimming, hiking, long walks, biking and LONG car trips around Canada and USA to see our world and share in all its pleasures!
Seaking out all ways to support health and healing! Taking photos of my beautiful children in action out and about in their lives!
Books / Magazines: 
Son Rise, A course in miracles, A miracle to believe in.
LIFE is not fair but rather what it is meant to be in order for us to learn our lessons!
TV Shows: 
OPHRAH and Dr. Phil Jon and kate plus 8.
Personal Heroes: 
OPRAH Winfrey, Jenny McCarthy