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Rhonda Brunett (not verified) wrote:
14 years 25 weeks ago

Fellow Team Members and Mentors,
Help, I’m Overwhelmed……
As Bette Midler once said, “People are not the best because they work hard, they work hard because they are the best.” And you are the best! You are an appreciated volunteer and everyone here at Autism One, would like to thank you for your exceptional service. I don’t know how we would manage without you; as Hilary Clinton has emphasized, it truly takes a village to raise a child, and our baby is this amazing “Social Network” and we need a group effort, I could sure use your assistance.
There are only a handful of volunteers that have been consistently blogging, greeting new members and adding comments to new member’s posts. I am aware that time is a precious commodity, there sometimes isn’t enough time in a day, but I would like to ask for a little of your time each week or even once a month. Every little bit helps. Having helpful advice/suggestions and tips can make an enormous difference in another individual’s life.
Your support would be greatly appreciated. There are days that I am truly overwhelmed. We are looking forward to seeing you at the May Conference in Chicago, you can find me at the registration desk, drop by and say hello(: Thank you so very much. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at:
Sincerely yours,
Rhonda Brunett, Autism One Chicago Liaison

lisa_fox wrote:
14 years 47 weeks ago

School starts Thursday. Happy to have my days back, but sad because it feels like we didn't have much of a summer.

Laura Rowley wrote:
14 years 48 weeks ago

This is a great picture of you! Glad you got it up!

Are kids back in school in NW IN yet?


lisa_fox wrote:
14 years 49 weeks ago

Photo added as requested! Sorry it took so long - so many social network sites now, it's hard to keep up!

Laura Rowley wrote:
15 years 1 week ago

Hey Lisa,

You need to get a picture up! Then I can see you when I'm talking to you!


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I've been in the autism world since 2004. Thanks to the many knowledgeable people before me, I was given good advice and through biomedical interventions and Floortime therapy, my son is now fully included in a general education class. We are very happy with where he is at now.

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I am part of the AutismOne community because I want to continue to advocate for parents of children on the spectrum. No where can you get a more comprehensive education than at the conference and at home, via AutismOne Radio.

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I'm here to connect with other parents and professionals who are interested in biomedical interventions, special education law, advocacy and mentoring.
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We have had great success with the DIR/Floortime approach, some small success with the Defeat Autism Now! approach and TREMENDOUS healing has occurred with classical homeopathy.

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Each time I hear from a parent "we don't know what to do" -- that is what keeps me going.

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If anyone has questions regarding special education law, I'm here to help if I can. I also am knowledgeable about Homeopathy for Autism and a solid general knowledge of biomedical interventions for ASD. I also love to spread the word about Dr. Stanley Greenspan and his DIR/Floortime approach!

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-Special Education Law -Biomedical Interventions -DIR/Floortime -Classical Homeopathy
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All self-taught! Former board member for Chicago Floortime Families, current President of the National Autism Association, Northwest Indiana Chapter, founder of the Yahoo! Group Indiana Biomedical Kids.

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