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Ed Arranga wrote:
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Let me extend to you my personal welcome to our AutismOne Social Network. AutismOne is now the “one-stop-shopping center” for information about autism. We have the annual conference in Chicago, AutismOne radio, the Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy, the AutismOne Social Network and the AutismOne Store.


We urge you to log in on a regular basis and read the blogs and articles. If you see something with which you agree or disagree then please add a comment with your thoughts. This is an open community designed to help and support. We like to hear all sides.


Then write a blog, long or short, to express your thoughts or ask a question. I am looking forward to reading your opinions.


With my best regards,
Ed Arranga Executive Director

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Marcia Hinds
Westlake Village, Ca (near LA)
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Westlake Village
Megan Hinds age 31 Ryan Hinds age 28
BA. in Sociology/Psychology and Lifetime K-12 Teaching Credential
Author, DIY Autism Parent, Megan and Ryan's Mom
A Little About Me: 

Click on this link to see the public service annoucement Marcia did for AutismOne.  And click here to "Meet Marcia."

Currently Marcia works with Dr. Susan Swedo (NIMH/PANDAS fame) and a team of professionals from across the country. They are developing treatment centers to treat all neuroimmune conditions including autism. Please check out this video of Hollands recovery to be inspired about what is to come!

Marcia Hinds is a DIY autism parent.  Marcia's inspirational book, "I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE - Winning Our War Against Autism"  tells the story of how her son recovered.  At the beginning of their autism nightmare, Marcia was overwhelmed and discouraged. The "experts" said an institution was in Ryan's future.  But after medical treatment for autism and what should be more accurately called autoimmune encephalitis something remarkable happened. Ryan was able to learn what he couldn't before. He is now an aerospace engineer. Their story is told in a way that is heartwarming, heartbreaking, and sometimes hilarious. You can find Marcia and more information at

Children like Ryan are recovering from autism and yet the general public and most of our medical community are still unaware that this is even possible. 

Marcia has degrees in Sociology and Psychology from UCLA and is a credentialed teacher.  She has worked as an education and behavior consultant for more than two decades.  But Marcia's most impressive credential is that she is Ryan's mother and her family survived autism.

All profits from Ryan's story go to spread the word that autism is TREATABLE and to develop one-stop treatment centers. 



Please note *** Ryan's story has a happy ending, but many parents are still told there is nothing they can do to help their children.  And how many kids will NOT get better as a result?  Marcia believes that parents, behaviorists, educatiors and medical professionals must all work as a team and in concert to help children improve. Each has part and a piece of solving the autism puzzle.

Why I am a Part of the AutismOne Community: 

AutismOne has been instrumental in bringing the latest treatments and interventions to the forefront.  AutismOne is spreading the word that autism is medical and TREATABLE!   

In an article Marcia's son wrote for the Autism Eye Magazine Ryan said, "It is hard to understand that children are not receiving proper medical treatment because some people think we should just accept autism. When doctors believe the medical issues associated with autism are just part of a "developmental disorder" children are not treated for the same medical conditions as every other kid.  Is that really okay?"  You can see Ryan's picture on the cover of the magazine and read his entire article by clicking here.  







*** It is important to point out that equal effort doesn't guarantee an equal outcome. Some children have immune systems that are just too broken to fix with our current treatments. Many families worked just as hard without the same results. However, all children improve with proper treatments and we must never give up until we find the answers for all children. 

What I am Here For: 
To learn and share information! And to join forces with others to solve this thing once and for all.
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 Check out my website for the articles, my blog, and the media I have done.

My Daily Motivations: 

Get up everyday and do something that makes a difference for others.

When you just do the right thing, there are no hard decisions. 


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"Autism doesn't come with a manual. It comes with a parent who never gives up. You can do this!" ~ Dr. Melinda Sharma Some of the world's greatest feats were accomplished by people not smart enough to know they were impossible. ~ Doug Larson
"I Won't Give Up On You" by Jason Mraz
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Speechless The Goldbergs Designated Survivor
It's a Wonderful Life While You Were Sleeping Romancing the Stone
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The beach with my dogs watching my son surf!
Personal Heroes: 
Ed and Teri Arranga; Dr. Melinda Sharma; Dr. Sue Swedo; Dr. Jim Adams; Grandpa Paul Ryan; Dr. Martha Herbert; Polly Tommey;Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Del Bigtree.