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13 years 28 weeks ago

Happy New Year!
Resolutions, do they really happen?
If they have for you can you share your secretes?

14 years 25 weeks ago

Hi Rhonda,

It is good to see your picture and read your post!
The other day I thought about you and your son and wanted to send an e-mail-----the computer would not let me.

Many days I have thought about connecting with my friends, I think warm thoughts and fond beliefs, then I send them out-----later to find they never recieved them.

Is it the autism or do I really live in a different dimension?

Today I have been here at my computer for almost 2 hours, trying to get the recorded radio program onto my computer, then to the Autism One web....sometimes it takes longer and still it never appears but instead it disappears into another dimension that none of us can see.

We live less than 5 miles from people called "family" and yet we do not see them, or meet them, and if we pass them on the street we may not even greet them. They think we are rude, so I have heard, but we just did not want to intrude. The truth is we probably did not see them, maybe not even recognize them.

Once, such a member said something to me about not having friends, family, or people in my life; proof that something is wrong with me of course. Because they never see them, or meet them, was the reason she believed this to be truth. Once again my voice did not work but the pictures recorded in my mind played as I smiled and thought of you and all the people I have met in here or out there, on line or in person. As she rambled on I drifted off remembering all my friends and family in the name of autism and internet.

To all of you here, or there, or any where.....maybe some of us don't post as much as we want, or even intend, but here on the pages we are always present for you to come and visit.

Good to see you here, as well as everyone else.


Rhonda Brunett (not verified) wrote:
14 years 26 weeks ago

Fellow Team Members and Mentors,
Help, I’m Overwhelmed……
As Bette Midler once said, “People are not the best because they work hard, they work hard because they are the best.” And you are the best! You are an appreciated volunteer and everyone here at Autism One, would like to thank you for your exceptional service. I don’t know how we would manage without you; as Hilary Clinton has emphasized, it truly takes a village to raise a child, and our baby is this amazing “Social Network” and we need a group effort, I could sure use your assistance.
There are only a handful of volunteers that have been consistently blogging, greeting new members and adding comments to new member’s posts. I am aware that time is a precious commodity, there sometimes isn’t enough time in a day, but I would like to ask for a little of your time each week or even once a month. Every little bit helps. Having helpful advice/suggestions and tips can make an enormous difference in another individual’s life.
Your support would be greatly appreciated. There are days that I am truly overwhelmed. We are looking forward to seeing you at the May Conference in Chicago, you can find me at the registration desk, drop by and say hello(: Thank you so very much. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at:
Sincerely yours,
Rhonda Brunett, Autism One Chicago Liaison

14 years 47 weeks ago

Hi, Ruth - I read your profile and am looking forward to communicating more with you.
My daughter, Katie, has just added her own thoughts on my blog,
She is 12 and had been after me to allow her to blog. Today was her first post in "Katie's corner" and I am so very proud of my girl.
I know that motivating her to find her gifts and use them often is very important.
Best Regards,

14 years 47 weeks ago

Thanks for welcoming me!

I am looking forward to connecting on this place/space, as you can see by the date it took me a few months to figure out how to get it set up.

Rhonda Brunett (not verified) wrote:
14 years 47 weeks ago

Hello Ruth,
Finally up and running, what took you so long?
Hope to see you posting blog's soon, as I know you have plenty to share.

Laura Rowley wrote:
14 years 47 weeks ago

Hi Ruth,

SO glad to "see" you here! Hope we can catch up soon!


Will wrote:
14 years 48 weeks ago

Hi Ruth
Let me extend to you my personal welcome to our AutismOne Social Network. AutismOne is now the “one-stop-shopping center” for information about autism. We have the annual conference in Chicago, AutismOne radio, the Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy and now the AutismOne Social Network (and more to come).
Thank you for filling in your profile entries as these help people with common interests find you.
(I was especially pleased to read your comment about Ed and Teri; they are indeed very special people.) Helping you interact with others is one of the many things we can do for you. Now here’s something you can do for us. Every new community requires a good hard kick start to get going. We need you to help us with that. Log in on a regular basis and read the blogs and articles then write a blog yourself. It can be on any subject of interest to you, preferably with some relevance to autism but not necessarily. It can be short or long, whatever it takes for you to express your thoughts. If you have a question then ask it in a blog--people read then they respond. If you see something with which you agree or disagree then please add a comment with your thoughts. This is an open community designed to help and support. We like to hear all sides.
I am looking forward to reading your opinions in future blogs and/or articles.
With my best regards
Will Price, CFO

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Ruth E Snyder RN
14 years
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4; 2 older, 2 younger. 2 are autistic
Nursing School:RN. Educational Therapist, Neuro-Linguistics.
A Little About Me: 

Told of my Autism diagnosis as an adult, between my boys diagnosis.The difference from knowing the truth has made such a positive impact that I cannot keep it contained. The enlightment and the hope, that comes from this knowledge has created a passionate desire to share with others.

Why I am a Part of the AutismOne Community: 

In 2007 I decided to venture into the AutismOne conference in Chicago; curious and eager to learn. As an Autistic mom I was able to hide as just a mom for a short time. The Autism traits did appear, but I was not rejected as an autistic adult. I happened to run into an amazing man and his wonderful wife (Ed and Teri), finally connected with a few "e-mail friends" on the spectrum (Stephen Shore, for one) and boldly asked if I could contribute by hosting a regular radio program...An Autistic Voice. I wanted to let the autistics that wanted to speak up and be heard a safe place to do it. Willing to be a bridge. Without realizing it I was able to learn so much by just being open. I want to share this information with others so we can improve the lives of all involved in the Autistic community and improving quality of life for all of us.~I need to stop trying to do this so late at night. ;-)

What I am Here For: 
~To share knowledge, faith, & hope, knowing it will help provide hope and real solutions to the families with younger Autistics, young adults with Autism and adults too! ~Make friends and connections that can grow between conference's. ~Learn from others.
Autism Help / Accomplishments: 

~Published articles in magazines,text books, and on line forums, as well as a chapter in Asperger's and Girls.
~Passionate about advocating for the civil and human rights of all individuals, especially the Autistics.
~Desire to help pull together the medical and educational aspectsfor learning/teaching our children with autism.
~Learning more about the bio medical aspects to share from an Autistic perspective.

My Daily Motivations: 

~Faith~My Children, that teach me how to be a better person, even before they were born~

Raise my boys to be independent, successful, autistic adults. Publish more. Explore more. Meet more people in the autism community.