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Power Point Presentation By: Doreen Granpeesheh, Ph.D.
What is Autism: A whole body condition
The Synergistic Effects of ABA and Biomedical Interventions working together
Sudden and dramatic changes in behavior when medical interventions are put in place
Case Studies
What is ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis)
What is good ABA?
How can you gain access to it?

Lark Eshleman

Power Point Presentation By: Lark Eshleman, PHD

Normal, healthy attachment development,
What happens if attachment development goes off track,
What families can do about it


Power Power Presentation By: Kristin Selby Gonzalez
When your child is cranky and seemingly inconsolable…
Maybe the sensory overload is YOU

The 3 S’s: Slow, Silly, Shhhh – Back off, move slowly, keep you expression silly and animated – but quiet!

Created by Me – with lots of help from Jaxson!


Power Point Presentation By: Mark R. Geier.

Examined were 72 children with autism, including 23 children with Asperger syndrome, 34 siblings, 88 fathers, 88 mothers, and sex and age-matched controls. The authors demonstrated that the more severely affected the children were the higher the levels of prenatal testosterone.


Power Point Presentation By: David A. Geier
National Toxicology Program (NTP)
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services,
National Institutes of Health's
National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS)

Statement on Thimerosal

They state that among the synonyms of thimerosal is merthiolate. They report in their toxicity evaluation of thimerosal, “Poison by ingestion, subcutaneous, intravenous and possibly other routes. An experimental neoplastigen and teratogen.


Power Point Presentation By: William Coden
1.Living Life Abundantly
2.Balancing Energetics
3.Using Water In Healing
4.Eating The Right Food
5.Exercising & Breathing
6.Dealing With Emotions
7.Testing With Purpose
8.Doing Body-Work
9.Taking Supplements
10.Detoxing Body&House


Power Point Presentation By: Mark A. Corrales, MPP US Environmental Protection Agency

Why so little research on environmental factors in autism?
All autism research limited (until recently)
Behavioral > molecular level (until recently)
Genes > Environment: High heritability misinterpreted as “genes not environment”
Toxicology and epidemiology not sufficiently integrated with autism research so far.


Published Article provided by: The Autism File Magazine. Author: Barbara Loe Fisher
The great denial of vaccines risks. Parents question why are highly vaccinated children so sick?


Power Point Presentation By: Lillian Chen-Byerley, MS, OTR/L, RCTC
The importance of developmental integration of primitive reflexes in terms of overall outcomes
how the central nervous system is impacted by sensory integration theory
the critical role of auditory listening programs
the importance of consistency across therapeutic, home, and school environments to maximize therapeutic gains


Power Point Presentation By :Robert Coben, PhD

EEG biofeedback was first attempted in the 1960s by Joe Kamiya at the University of Chicago. Early investigations focused on operant conditioning of alpha brain waves primarily to facilitate deep relaxation and meditation.