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Occupational Therapy

We had Daniel's First Occupational Therapy Appt. Today.

Today we had our first appointment with the new Occupational Therapist which we have been waiting for for at least six months. I was really pleased to see her. She is a very nice lady, and she worked really well with Daniel, and she was very much into partnership working with myself, asking what I feel needs work on most and listening to my concerns and she acknowledge that I am Daniel's mum and I know him best. Which is a first as many professionals seem to think they know best, and dictate how I should be a parent. So this refreshing approach was most welcome.

Convert the bane of a typical autistic behavior into therapy:

Every child's autism is different and unique, however, there are also many common traits. One of the most frustrating and dangerous is what I call the deaf run. This is where the child will bolt from a parent's hand for some desired object. Normal children do this as well, however, many autistic children are particularly talented at ignoring their parents. They also may be quite fixated on a particular item or object which acts as a terrible distraction when attempting a therapy session.

Where Can I Find a Qualified Sensory Integration Therapist

Article By: Lisa Jo Rudy,

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Sensory Integration
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What Do Sensory Integration Therapists Do for Children with Autism?

Article From: Lisa Jo Rudy,

Question: What Do Sensory Integration Therapists Do for Children with Autism?
What exactly does a sensory integration therapist do? What kinds of outcomes can parents expect for their children with autism and sensory processing disorder?

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