All I Can Do Is Try for You

Cassie posted a song, so I thought I'd post one, also. I wrote this years ago. Kids were recovering back then, too. Now, many of us know many more children who have recovered, and the general mood in much of the autism community is much brighter and full of empowerment.

For mothers of children diagnosed with autism everywhere, if you are feeling like you are on a rollercoaster, and, weary at the end of a day of therapies, you are looking at your child's beautiful face with love and hope, your heart sad for his or her daily struggles, this is for you.

All I Can Do Is Try for You

I'm weary of believing in miracles
I do not see the tunnel getting light
All I can do is try for you, my darling
As we journey from this sadness in your life

We try to climb the mountain up to sunshine
We try to stay afloat above the rain
You and I will hold our hands together
As we pull each other up above the pain

All I can do is try for you, my darling
And pray the mountain moves into the sea
And calms the waves that toss your days, my darling
And brings the rainbow that brings you to me

One day we'll see a rainbow all around you
'Til then we just keep rowing forth the boat
All I can do is try for you, my darling
And give you rays of sunshine and of hope

'Til then you know I love you every moment
And I know that you also love me, too
And with each breath I'll try for you, my darling
And pray for Light and Love to bring you through.

(c) 2005

fighting the battle..

I am inspired by this quote...Think that every child is a gift from god , its really difficult to be put in this condition. All we have to do is to have patience and a deeper understanding on their feelings. If they are trying to reach out and when there is always a chance you should give them a way, ,I know that we have a lot of problems, but also think that this is just God's challenges so never give up and keep your faith.

I'd love to her the music,too!

This is just beautiful, Teri. You have the gift of expressing in song, such vivid emotion.

Good grief, Cassie... use 'spell check'!

HEAR the music! Another example of lost brain cells from sleep deprivation... or menopause.

Autism Mothers don't have time for spell check

We need to drive our kids to therapy - completely understandable.

Challenge to moms: when we take our children to the doctor's office/therapist/clinic, depending upon the reason your child is there (i.e., length of visit), that can be a convenient time to get yourself IV glutathione with vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals. This is by prescription, so you will need to establish a relationship with a good doctor first, who may take some baseline tests on your overall health status. We need to remember to take care of ourselves, as well. We need ourselves, and our children and other family members need us, too!

Okay, will e-mail audio . . . .

Thanks, Cassie. I can e-mail the audio if anyone would like it.

Wouldn't it be nice...

... to hear this while on the website? Absolutely lovely song, Teri. You certainly were blessed with many gifts.