Conference Speakers!

This is a partial list of conference speakers*, listed by day. A more comprehensive schedule and registration and hotel information will be posted tomorrow evening.

Best wishes and see you in Chicago!

Student Scholars for Autism Program

Dr. Charles Chapple
Dr. Marshall Dickholtz
Dr. Thomas O'Bryan
Student Scholars for Autism Program
Additional lectures

Timothy Adams, Esq.
Lynne Arnold
Maria Cammarata
Wendy Fournier
Dr. Roy Leonardi
Lori McIlwain
Phyllis Musumeci
Mary Coyle, DIHom
Cindy Griffin, DSH-P, DIHom & Lindyl Lanham, DSH-P
Dr. Darin Ingels
Kennith Dixon
Dr. Mary Jo Lang
John Turner, DC, CCSP, DIBCN, Kathryne Pirtle, & Sueson Vess
Betsy Hicks
Lisa Lundy

Mary Lynch Barbera, RN, MSN, BCBA
Dr. James Partington
Dennis Debbaudt and Dr. Stephen Shore
Timothy Adams, Esq., Lynne Arnold, MA, & Dr. Mitch Perlman
Susan Vess, Julie Matthews, CNC, Chef Wendell Fowler, Deepa Deshmukh
Dr. Ved Chauhan
Mark Corrales, MPP
Alica Shabecoff
Robert Krakow, Esq.
Mary Holland, Esq.
Jennifer Keefe, Esq.
Dr. Harry Schneider, Kerri Rivera, and Dr. Lorna Ortiz
Dr. James Adams
Dr. Lauren Underwood

Dr. Jeffrey Becker
Dr. Abha Chauhan
Cindy Griffin, DSH-P, DIHom & Lindyl Lanham, DSH-P
Dr. David Holmes
David Humphrey, Esq.
Dr. Kenneth Bock
Megan Carrick, MOTR/L
Dr. Georgia Davis
Dr. Sydney Finegold
Dr. Michael McManmon
Dorinne Davis, MA, CCC-A, FAAA
Dr. Boyd Haley
Dr. Martha Herbert
Brian King, LCSW
Dr. Theoharis Theoharides
Jeffrey S. Cantor, DDS, Patricia Liston-Gannon, DDS,
Pamela Johnson, DDS, Michelle Lancaster, DDS
Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh
Dr. Harumi Jyonouchi
Brian King, LCSW
Dr. William Parker
Dr. Gregory Brown and Vicki Martin, RN
Dr. Dan Burns
Dr. Madeleine Cunningham and Dr. Susan Swedo
Kristin Selby Gonzalez
Dr. Kendal Stewart and Lisa Hunter Ryden, MT(ASCP), MBA
Dr. Richard Deth
Dr. Jerry Kartzinel
Julie Matthews, CNC
Dr. Rosario Trifiletti and Lynn Johnson
Dr. Gregory Brown and Vicki Martin, RN
Tom Bohager
Dr. M. Elizabeth Latimer and Laura Matheos, MBA
Dr. Woody McGinnis
Dr. Harasimham Parinandi
Louise Kuo Habakus, HHP and Mary Holland, Esq.
Sym Rankin, RN, CRNA and Sonja Hintz, RN
Bryan Hixson
Laurette Janak

Dr. Paul Hardy
Dr. Laura Hewitson
Dr. Jeffrey Lewine and Sally Brockett, MS
Dr. Stephen Shore
Britt Collins, MS, OTR/L and Jackie Olson
Dr. Miroslav Kovacevic
Dr. Valerie Paradiz
Dr. Alexander Rotenberg
Dr. Andrew Wakefield
Dr. Daniel Barth
Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet
Sargent Goodchild
Larry Newman
Dr. Larry Palevsky
KEYNOTE: Jenny McCarthy and Sarah Scheflen, MS, CCC-SLP
Dr. Jay Gordon
Dr. Devin Houston
Dr. Harumi Jyonouchi and Agnes Cushing-Ruby
Dr. Aristo Vojdani
Dr. Dan Burns
Dr. Stephen Edelson
Sonja Hintz, RN
Vicki Martin, RN
Polly Tommey
Mark Blaxill, MBA, Dan Olmsted, Kim Stagliano
Dr. Jeffrey Lewine
Dr. Judy Mikovits
Dr. Savely Yurkovsky
Dr. Manuel Casanova
David Kirby
Beth Alison Maloney, Esq.
Dr. Anju Usman
Barry Smeltzer, PA
Dr. Savely Yurkovsky
Michael Biamonte, CCN
Dr. Rob Coben
Susan Vaughan Kratz, OTR, CST
Dr. William Walsh

Andrea Lalama
Dr. Derrick MacFabe
Valerie Maclean
Dr. Mary Megson
Julie Obradovic
Dr. Vicky Debold
Dr. Richard Frye
Steve Kossor
Dr. Arthur Krigsman
Dr. Kyle Van Dyke
Dr. Manuel Casanova and Emily Williams
Cynthia Macluskie
Neil Miller
Dr. Nancy Mullan
Dr. James Neubrander
Dr. Mark Geier and David Geier
Mary Romaniec
Dr. Dan Rossignol
Lisa Rupe and Angela Warner
Dr. Harry Schneider
Kerry Brooks
Dr. Michael Elice and Barbara Fischkin
Leah Kmetz, MT-BC
THRiiiVE seminar
Dr. Mayer Eisenstein
Terrie Silverman, MS

*Subject to change.

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