Dr. Wakefield Press Conference Before Brian Deer Lectures





By Ed Arranga


Brian Deer – a liar, fraud, and former reporter for The Sunday Times of London – is coming to the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse October 4 and 5 to lecture you about Dr. Andrew Wakefield and the MMR vaccine. On Oct. 4 Deer’s lecture is An Elaborate Fraud: The MMR Vaccine & Autism,” and then on Oct. 5, Stiletto Journalism: Busting the Vaccine Scare.”


Deer’s talks at La Crosse are a continuation of the misinformation campaign to destroy Wakefield and to deny his Lancet case series (here) that was published in 1998. Wakefield found bowel disease in children with autism spectrum disorder and raised questions about the safety of the MMR. (Click here for an overview of the misinformation campaign.)


In 2003 autism rates were exploding. Parents were blaming the MMR. It was time for industry and its cronies to get ugly. Deer was told by his Times editor to find “something big” on the MMR. Deer’s series of stories in 2004 were just what the powers that be needed: Protect the guilty, sacrifice the science, and kill the messenger. Dr. Wakefield and Professor John Walker-Smith were the messengers who lost their licenses to practice medicine when the General Medical Council (GMC, the governing board of doctors in the UK) – eager to quash any further scientific inquiries and shield pharma – circled their wagons. 


The Deer-inspired, GMC-trumped-up charges and findings were so rotten and perverted that when the case finally got before a real judge, in a real court – the High Court of London –  Justice Mitting overturned the findings, criticized the panel's “inadequate and superficial reasoning," and admonished the GMC by stating, "It would be a misfortune if this were to happen again."


By the time Judge Mitting blasted the GMC and Parliament began investigating and arresting Murdoch reporters, Deer had already written another series of articles (here, here, here), falsely accusing Dr. Wakefield of having committed fraud. Published in the BMJ in January 2011, the articles follow the same twisted pattern of deceit Deer learned while working in the criminally-corrupt Murdoch newspaper culture: Lie, lie, and lie some more.


Deer’s BMJ series created the intended frenzy. Finally an answer… well, not really an answer, but any questions about the autism epidemic could now be sidetracked by mainstream media into a “Blame Wakefield” mantra.  Complacent and compliant, mainstream media was free to continue their mission as a casual observer, watching as they did in 2008 as America’s economy melted down, and for the last decade watching as America’s healthcare system melts down. 


The idea is not just to destroy Wakefield; the idea is to have Wakefield serve as the example to anyone who would question the safety of vaccines. GlaxoSmithKline, which manufactures vaccines for use in the US, is a British multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in London. Vaccines are a liability-proof, government-mandated, growth product, which generated in excess of $5 billion dollars for GSK in 2011. The cozy relationship between Murdoch and GSK came to an end when GSK board member James Murdoch resigned in May, as evermore Murdoch-sponsored criminal activities came to light. The last thing a sleazy company like GSK with its $3 billion dollar settlement for fraud wants is more folks looking into their business practices.     


It Only Takes One Crack

Some who’ve had the misfortune of meeting Deer describe him as reptilian and repulsive. Others would describe him in less flattering terms. Setting the sleaze factor aside, Deer’s legacy of slander and libel signify a far grimier, foul and filthy place than most of us would care to venture. Deer is the invention, the dark underbelly, the hideous caricature of those who deny an MMR-autism connection in order to protect themselves. He assuages the conscience of those without one, and scrubs clean the crime scene. Vicious and small, Deer’s pious position is untenable and in short order he will be hunted to ground and brought to justice.


Soon the full truth will be uncovered, revealing Deer for what he is. In January Dr. Wakefield filed a defamation lawsuit against Deer, the BMJ, and Fiona Godlee, its editor. Currently under review by the 3rd Circuit Court in Texas, the question before proceeding to trial is: Does Texas have jurisdiction? We are extremely confident the appeals court will rule in Dr. Wakefield’s favor within the next few months.


Quick to anger (as only the guilty are), Deer is easily flustered, delusional, and fancies himself a dandy in a Dickensian sort of sense. With the grace of a sloth and his own worst enemy, Deer is the wannabe bon vivant whose future claim to fame will be as a case history at Harvard Law School about how not to act in front of a jury. In court his testimony will doom the BMJ and himself, and open the floodgates of suppressed corruption.     



Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s Press Conference: 1 pm Thursday, October 4, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Exact location to be provided.


Brian Deer’s presentation schedule, location, and abstracts: click here.  


Join us if you can –  or for more information or to volunteer, please email info@drwakefieldjusticefund.org.

In a few weeks we will have a complete update and analysis on the lawsuit.