Sound Effects with Dorinne Davis: Discussing How Sound Affects the Person with Autism

Dorinne Davis discusses with Janine Burnham-Ruth, neurodevelopmental therapist and parent of 2 young boys, further explores how sound-based therapies have made an impact in herself and her children. She shares symptoms changed, delights in discovering new changes, and things to look forward to. Part 2

Radio discussion Sound affects

My son is Aspergers and his learning style was always auditory along with some visual. From a young age we knew he was attracted to sounds ** Not loud sounds ie noise which he detests to this day **
but music in particular Classical music made him stop in his tracks sit and listen calmly . He eventually took piano lessons and yes their were battles about hand positions and different technique etc... but he has such a feel for the music
and his musicality makes him most enjoyable to listen..

His music career began at age 7 and continues to this day at age 22... Music in his life saved him and enhanced his academic learning two fold . Now a college Physics major.

His handwriting is still bad , socialization is still difficult , some of his collection obessions are still there , depression and low self esteem can still rear it's head but when he sits at the piano and plays say a Chopin waltz or etude peace falls on him like a blanket and it allows him to face the days difficulties with a different outlook..

Sound does affect our children and nurturing good sound makes a difference . Dorinne ....Keep up your good work .