Terms and Conditions Dialing back the rhetoric in the Vaccine Autism War

My my how much has happened in the short few weeks of the new year. The Words, bullets, sticks and stones have all been thrown. I must say my heart and prayers go to the victims of the Arizona shooting. That being said a tweet has brought a lot of comments and attention:

TannersDad A bullet through the brain and the country is paralyzed. Mysterious shot through a needle and my son stops talking and nobody cares #Autism
about 19 hours ago via Twitter for iPad

I was reviewing all the recent events the real hanging of Dr Andrew Wakefield again again again again ( I Lost count ). Then the shootings, the Words ( Blood Libel ), the requests for bipartisanship, and dialing back the rhetoric. In that spirit of being a little kindler gentler even though Parents, Caregivers, and supporters of the Vaccine and Environmentally injured are being drug through the mud in multiple books. Others have named the Authors and books but, I will never mention their names, I decided to set out our terms and conditions.

This in no way shape or form would be raising the white flag of surrender. The future of humanity and our children is at stake. We know at best, there can be a guarded gate with fewer bullets and bombs thrown at each other. I was trying to think of a real life analogy, but we are not a mean dictatorship trying to come up with the next nuclear weapon. We are a rag tag group of Parents hanging on by a thread hoping to make a difference for our loved ones and the loved ones of those that attack us.

Before I get started, I must commend and recommend a few amazing efforts. Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill great book The Age of Autism Mercury Medicine and a Man Made Epidemic. Dr Andrew Wakefield www.Callous-Disregard.com always ready to go toe to toe. Ginger Taylor who so eloquently spells out the lunacy of some of the recent attacks on us. Matt Lauer, Anderson Cooper and George Stephanopoulos Adopt Skeptic Community/Science Media's Failing Tactics http://adventuresinautism.blogspot.com/2011/01/matt-lauer-anderson-coope... Then the new book available for preorder Edited by Louise Kuo Habakus, M.A and Mary Holland, J.D. and many of our friends Vaccine Epidemic How Corporate Greed, Biased Science, and Coercive Government Threaten our Human Rights, Our Health and Our Children. www.vaccineepidemic.com

The Terms and Conditions are simple. Fact we are winning the war. 89% of Americans now believe vaccines should be a top research priority. The brutal empty assault on the character and integrity of Dr Wakefield only strengthens our positions. We ask that they walk away from the attack rhetoric and focus on the injured. Our children are just as precious as the ones that may get diseases that vaccines may prevent. Our children are dying too, From Seizures ( High profile like Jett Travolta ) and Just names with no headlines attached. www.MasonAlert.org We ask that you finally come clean with Transparency, Decency, Truth and open agenda. The invasion of and dismantling of our basic Human, Civil, and social Rights must stop. Boards discussing the future of our loved ones, should be 80% parents and 20% from entrenched status quo. We do not have time to debate one sentence for and hour ( IACC). We ask for real service and support in the areas of treatment, Respite, Recovery efforts, Housing, Employment, Respect, Wandering, Safety, and much more. Every day our side grow stronger and more resolute.

When our teachers and loved ones are dying and all the media has to talk about is a 13 year old story something is really wrong. The final request would be to hold up as heroes those that are taking action today and those that have given their life for this battle. The list is printed daily here at AutismOne and Age of Autism. Today not just as an exclamation point but as juxtaposition to priorities I hold up the life of Thomas James Dunn. I am sorry your story and death should have been the headline story of the first week in 2011. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/01/06/thomas-james-dunn-dies-sa_n_805...

God Bless you all. I invite you to add more to our treaty discussions. I spend my life searching and researching but the attacks are happening all around us. I beg you to order Vaccine Epidemic and learn the truth. No We are not going to dial back the rhetoric until every Mother and Father gets a hug and Hears I Love you. Also the future generations are protected from ourselves. TannersDad Tim

Again here is my New Years my new years day 35,000th tweet. It is more relevant after the Dr. Wakefield bashing:

TannersDad 35,000 Happy New Year God Bless 2011 Do not be satisfied w Sound Bites and Feel good stories about #Autism DEMAND ANSWERS #FAY #TPE #UWAC
2:27 PM Dec 31st


What can you do today...

If you are a parent... Love your child unconditionally. Do not let your child feel they are any less because they cannot communicate the way we do or look after themselves. Do not forget to look after yourself and your significant other. ( If you don't have one find one...There is someone out there for everyone. You deserved to be loved also). Join a church. Speak to your friends. Keep up the good fight.
If you are Friend... If you have resources please consider supporting Generation Rescue as they move the agenda towards services and support programs. If you do not have financial resources provide respite services... Babysit, go with a parent to the grocery store, or running errands. Be there to listen.
If you are a Parent dealing with a loved one on the Autism Spectrum Protect them with Layers and Layers of love, information, fences and locks. Go to www.awaare.org and http://www.masonallenmedlamfoundation.webs.com/ Learn and support.
If you are in the medical community it is time to wake up and do something...
If you are in the insurance industry it is time to make the people responsible pay...
if you are in the media it time to tell the truth...
If you are in the government it is time act...
If you are in education it is time to educate...
If you are in a religious community it is time to rally the troops to support families...
If you are involved in a Autism group please invite them to join the Move to Heal Autism By 2030 (MTHA)
If you are in contact with amanda peet and have a child with Autism invite her over to experience our lives first hand and but out of our childrens and the future of others children.
If you are impacted by autism (that means you are part of the human race) Join me in the fight. Join the social media world with your own cause or mine. Make a difference in our world. now. State your change! Then make it happen.
If you happen to have some sleeping pills, sleep ideas for children with autism, or want to come spend the night let me know.... I need a nap.
Say a prayer for all those dealing or not dealing with their "Autism Like" conditions.
On Twitter #FeelAutismYet #TruthFirst #Autismabc #APE #Autism #BFH #Tahml #HDTJ #HC09 #PMB @TannersDad #UWAC #WEAP
If you are in the pharmaceutical industry it is time to pray...
If you or a family member in the Military are impacted by Autism help me promote a meeting between Angela Warner from www.AutismSalutes.com and Michelle Obama http://tinyurl.com/m9r8ws
People it is just time to deal with Autism.... And we will Everyday and At AutismOne in 2011!

How much longer…


It so rediculous

The fact that the media is using the "HUGE" story which is only one part of how the vaccines have hurt our kids, and using the story to VOID all the other parents who "KNOW" that the vaccines hurt them. We know who is now involved when diverting from all the evidence.