Vaccines and Autism *our story*

I understand that it's hard to believe. Had it not happened to us, maybe I wouldn't believe it could happen either. But it DID happen to us, to my daughter.

Kaelyn developed "typically", even ahead of schedule according to her well baby checks until her 15 months check up and shots. She was speaking in 3 word sentences, learning to potty train (made few successful attempts). She was loving and affectionate. She responded to her name and came to us for play and hugs and kisses. She loved Baby Einstein videos, she loved learning. I knew nothing of any risks whatsoever and never even read the pamphlets they handed out with the shots.

We fell behind due to an ear infection and her 1 year shots were combined with another set at 15 months. She received 7 shots that day. She walked in, laughing and smiling, she left screaming. Which I believed was normal. The next day she was feverish, again, I thought normal. The day after her fever broke, but she was lethargic. Still normal, so I thought...

Days passed... weeks... and Kaelyn never acted like Kaelyn. No more hugs or kisses. She didn't seem to notice when we were around. We would try and engage her, but she never responded. Her beloved Einstien videos played in the background, but she never even glanced at them anymore. She took to staring out the window, watching cars go by. The only time she came to us was when she got very hungry. She refused food when we offered it, almost as though she didn't hear or see us. The Kaelyn I knew was simply gone. It happened in that one day and the only thing different on that day was those 7 shots, 4 of which were live virus (MMR and Varicella).

Kaelyn got sick endlessly after this and we had moved out of town, so her usual ped was an hour away. During a particularly bad sickness, I took her to a ped in the area. A few minutes into the visit, they said she was Autistic. Now, for one, in a case like this, where they don't KNOW the parent or the child, this was inappropriate. But I knew she was right. I KNEW. I had known since that day that something was very not right. Something had gone wrong. My husband FLIPPED out. He didn't know Autism at all. He was equating it with mental retardation. *not the case* He was LIVID and in a very strong state of denial. He was convinced she was just going through a phase....

I called Kaelyn's regular ped right away and told her what happened, what was said. She was angry and said "SHE IS NOT, I JUST SAW HER, Bring her in"..... So I did. This is approximately 2 months after the shots. The visit where she exceeded her well baby check and was ahead of schedule....

After spending an hour with us... she sat down, took her glasses off and said *AND I QUOTE* "I'm very sorry, your daughter is Autistic. Mourn the loss of your hopes and dreams. There is nothing you can do for her". She assured me, out of the blue, that that vaccines were not the cause.

Ironically, she then suggested that I try removing gluten from her diet. Which turned out to be the best thing we ever did for her- but I will get into that.

I told the doctor that I respectfully disagreed with her, that there was INDEED something I would find to do for her and found a new doctor.

Now, almost 2 years later, Kaelyn is gluten and casein free (wheat and all dairy). She speaks again, but as a 2 year old would. Rarely in sentences, broken words and in a childish voice for a 4 year old. We put her on antioxidants and on day 2- she potty trained herself. On day two without gluten, she started talking more. When we removed the casein, she FINALLY had a firm bowel movement, the dark circles under her eyes vanished and her swollen belly went down. Her white tongue turned a rosy, normal, pink. She no longer stares out the window, but seeks constant attention from us. Gives hugs and kisses again and best of all... she says I LOVE YOU MOMMY. Words I feared I would never hear.

Kaelyn is in no way CURED, nor are we trying to cure her Autism. Autism is a part of who she is now and she is perfect exactly as she is. Through Biomedical, all we try and do for her is alleviate some of the symptoms that make it harder for her to function. (in these kids, the proteins gluten and casein leak out of the gut and into the blood stream and act like an opiate in the brain, essentially locking it down, removing them simply made it easier for her to reach out).

So there is our story, I know most of you won't believe me and that's ok. The few that do, either because they KNOW or because it's already a concern... they understand. I in no way imply that vaccines CAUSE Autism or that they will trigger Autism in YOUR child. Only that in our case, vaccines were the final straw in a battle her immune system was already losing. We no longer vaccinate.

Sorry this is so long and if you actually got through all that, I thank you.

What a beautiful little girl

What a beautiful little girl you have! Thank you very much for telling your story so we can all learn from it.