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I love connecting with my emotions. They're my long lost friends I've pushed away and now I welcome them home. — 9 years 46 weeks ago
I supported National Autism Association... by voting for them to win $1m with #chasegiving. Please vote, and RT! http://bit.ly/45EqwE9 years 46 weeks ago
My mind is not a fit vehicle for this journey. My thoughts can just get in the way. My heart and body know the true path. — 9 years 47 weeks ago
As a newby I'd like to understand more of what he's saying. :) @lauriefoley these 5 twitter trends are fascinating: http://bit.ly/2pw23Z9 years 47 weeks ago
Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain. — 9 years 47 weeks ago
@yolandafacio Just read your RT and cracked me up! — 9 years 47 weeks ago
Be the captain of your own ship. Only you know the right path for you and your body will lead the way. Do you hear the messages? — 9 years 47 weeks ago
Pain is not the enemy, it is the messenger. — 9 years 47 weeks ago
@jenlouden check out nconnects.com and maestroconference.com for hands up. — 9 years 48 weeks ago
3 essentials to motivate: autonomy, mastery & purpose. Great review of Daniel Pink's book, Drive RT @lauriefoley http://bit.ly/80Fz8s9 years 48 weeks ago