AutismOne is a nonprofit, parent-driven organization that provides education and supports advocacy efforts for children and families touched by an autism diagnosis. 

My loved one has autism.
Where can I call with questions?
How can I learn about autism, treatments, and therapies?
AutismOne will help with direction to appropriate people who can help.

AutismOne is a nonprofit organization dedicated to all that is autism. AutismOne is here to support a parent when you are searching questions about autism, medicine, nutrition, schooling, social skills, recreation, and more. AutismOne has access to a variety of resources to connect you with, whether they are doctors, specialists, or parents, who have successfully experienced improvements. Or AutismOne can simply listen. We are all in this together.

AutismOne knows you love your loved one whether young or old.



National Autism Acceptance Month, Monday, April 1 - April 30, 2024

World Autism Awareness Day / Autism Day, April 2, 2024

Many sons and daughters were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) when their children were very young. Autism is a developmental disability caused by differences in the brain. Although some people believe in a genetic condition, there are people who believe in other causes or a combination of reasons, while some simply say that they do not know. For example, scientists believe there are multiple causes that act together to change development. Scientists will continue to learn and research potential causes and how they impact people with the diagnoses.

Autism may affect behavior, communication, interaction, and the ability to learn. Oftentimes, there is nothing about how children and adults with autism look that would set them apart from others. And the abilities of people with autism can vary significantly (e.g., for mild, moderate, or severe autism). Children and adults with autism often face challenges.

It is fair to say that the lives of families changed drastically. Some literature on the Internet said there was no cure. As a parent of a special needs child, a parent may also be affected. In a sense, the parent was on its own, but parents knew they must be strong to help their child. Parents need to remain positive, healthy, and happy to help others.

From AutismOne (, sending encouragement and thanks to parents who have researched Afrom food to medicine to knowledge in developmental growth and social skills. Even though people do not agree with the causes, we CAN incredibly improve capabilities of children and adults with autism, and the excellent books, journals, and resources for safe therapies are available!