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Back To School Behavior Blues? Think EXCITOTOXINS!

Hello, all!

With the start of school, there is a pattern of number of our kids of increased violence or irritability on returning to school. It's a pattern we have seen for a number of years.

Most of our kids are highly reactive to additives and chemicals, especially in food. When the kids are back in school, all parents breathe a collective sigh of relief, however, it opens the door for dietary issues galore - not always with our knowledge or consent as parents, and definitely without knowledge on the part of teh school - unless you educate them.

If I had only known then what I know now...

Children with autism arrived at our practice's doorstep before we ever expected to see it. Since my personal practice of homeopathy had already been taking "all comers" I went into the first consultation with a child with autism before really knowing what I was seeing. He had no formal diagnosis and things had only turned sour a few days earlier. It was a young man whose parents had taken him bowling the night of Hallowe'en and had somehow seen a horrible change in him, presumably after that night.