Autism and Athletics, if they want to play we find a way! by David Warner

On December 2, 2009, 7:46 pm

We will explore the use of athletics to teach children with autism life skills including turn taking, listening, teamwork, following directions, respect and the benefits of exercise. We also use this vehicle as a means to engage parents in the learning process. By asking the parents to coach and the children to learn sports we have been able to demonstrate what the child can do in an environment that is setup to ensure their success. Learn what it takes to setup a camp, and how to engage fathers and mothers in the process to provide a meaningful athletic experience for everyone.

David Warner is the president of the Autism Society of McLean County and the father of Emily (9) and Joseph (8). David's role with the autism society started when he became the program director for the Autism Athletic programs which include baseball, basketball, flag football, and soccer. David was elected as vice president in 2007 and president in 2008.

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