broccoli and the cauliflower

We got in the broccoli and the cauliflower. He read and spoke "broccoli" but had to have help with the cauliflower tag. That was interesting because the cauliflower tag had a picture and the broccoli tag didn't. So I know he was reading.

But a new trend is emerging which is odd. He's actually trying to stay out of the dirt. Unless of course he has new shoes on and wants to get me in trouble with his mother.

He didnt stick around for the peas. Maybe another day. Peas are a good choice to plant because the seeds are big and easier to handle for those with motor planning issues. be sure to get "untreated" or "organic seed". Seed which is colored (usually blue, pink or green) could mean it was treated with a fungicide that one doesn't want them handling.